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it just chugs. also making like a noise underneath like something is loose.struts??

My convertible top will not go down. When button is pressed it beeps but does not open. I took to a chrysler dealer and they said the sensor needed would cost 2100. What part would cost that much to repair or replace/

my shop said 1200 dollars

Lights start flashing on instruments panel the the car died

Some days my battery light comes on and other days it don't I was driving battery light came on . Then with out the heater or air on it starts blowing hot air all by itself and then thè abs light battery light traction light and seat belt and airbag light came on came to stop and it shut off!! Would not start again. Jumped it and it made it home which was about 4 blocks . Next day went out started it and it started was running and then shut back off .what is the cause of this ?

! inside a circle on the panel light comes on what does it mean.

I have a 2002 town and country van when you first start it it knocks then quits. It knocks when you give it throttle if you hold the throttle at about 1500 to 2000 rpms it quits.

Terminals chorode regularly and even after cleaning them, the car acts as if the battery is dead. Battery shows full charge. The black cable on positive terminal is torn where wires are exposed some.

Idles good humming noise from under hood and smell gas from it a timing issue.can someone give me some more information.

Said it still leaks that it is the rack??

Are the radiator fan % radiator motor fan the same? Or is a motor needed also?

car dies or cuts out while accelerating and then stars up again , now it cuts completely and takes a few times before it starts again but has absolutely no power

As soon as i turn off the ignition my interior lights stay on more than normal time . they turn off and turn back on by themselves i remove the fuse and the turn off but i loose the option to lock/unlock the doors with the button on the door and also on the factory alarm remote

this happens at no particular time or any regular situation,

It starts then after a second or two it cutts out.

It chimes every few minutes and doesn't stop

each light has a push button and neither one working

Recently changed the plugs and since then my rediator fans stay on while the car is running and turn off when i tuen off the car did i miss something?

where is the Powertrain Control Module & how to replace it

van starts but it wont run it has to do with the alarm system

could it be struts/shocks (rear and front)

Just replaced compressor, hose and both switches. Also vacuum system and filled with Freon. Checked fuse got power.

receiving no power to vehicle checked continuity to alternator, fuses in integrated power relay.

the shift just slides back and forth

I need to replace the water pump and someone said there are 2 timing chains I have to take off to get to the water pump, is that true

If I hit the inst. panel, the code goes off for a short time then comes back on.

pup out gear when drivering

When im stopped at a light my car shuts off n sometimes i have to put it in neutral and restart it

Grinding When I'm on the highway if I turn into a curve it makes a grinding noise. It's the front driver side

the car wont start when it is been off for a while, but after about 15 to twenty minutes of trying to start it will finally start. and will keep restarting as long as it is not to long between starts, we changed the distributor and the crank shaft sencor, still same problem