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I accidentally left my front window down during a rainstorm and after that, the security alarm has a tendency to sound if I lock the doors using the remote, key or press down on the door lock. If I lift up on the door lock before pressing down, the alarm usually will not sound.


thlight goes off some times but come back on

Can't hear the fuel pump. Gas guage died two or three weeks ago. Gas in the tank. Checked fuses all ok. Is there an access port above the fuel pump or do I have to drop the tank? Any other suggesttions?

I bought my vehicle used in July 2010. It had 31,000+ miles, and now it has 44,100+ miles August 2011. The service department tells me that I need a tune up because it is a HEMI vehicle. My friends and family members who drive SUV's stated that they have never heard of such and that the truck isn't even "broken in" yet. I have always leased and never had to go through this. However, this time I'm keeping the vehicle and want to keep it in good condition. What do you suggest??
Also my brakes are beginning to squeal and I had rotor replacement and brake pads changed. There is a lot of brake dust on the front rims? What does that mean?

Does this mean the electric throttle control is gone, if so how expensive is it to repair at dealer, and can it be self repaired? Can some one please tell me where this is located on my car.

What type of repair is needed when the engine is running on only 3 Does it need the whole engine replaced? We were quoted $5,000 to $6,000 and this seems awfully high. My e-mail is Thanks

why the engine starts but dies repeatley. it happens hile its ,car, is cold.

my head and tail light work whats going on with the fog lights? the light on my dash that tells me when the fog lights are on stop working too.

My car wont come out of park.

I have coolant dripping from oil pan not sure where coolant is comming from. The hoses are not leaking. I think it could be a water pump.


The car overheated.I'm not sure if fans are working. Checked fuses and they seem to be fine.

2007 Chysler Pacifica, 101,000 miles. During service at a NE Tennessee Chrysler DEALERSHIP for a transmission replacement, the power seat control module apparently died (Funny - it was working, as the service manager admitted BEFORE they started changing the transmission but died BEFORE we picked up the car - I don't think that is a coincidence but I'm just the little guy). So, now that I am stuck with no power seats or paying him to fix his mistake (I didn't mention earlier the dealer admitted to electrical problems when replacing the transmission control module - don't forget the seats were working when the vehicle was delivered for the the transmission service...). Anyway, is the seat control module a user replacable item? Does it need to be "flashed" to the car's computer? If user replacable, where is the module available from? I've tried Advance Auto, Autozone, Oreilly's etc. (online) but can't find one. Google and Ebay are not very helpful either. Any thoughts (besides avoiding NE Tenn/Tri-Cities Chrysler dealers...)

I can drive my car and it will run fine, but then there are times that i drive it and all my gages stop working and my airbag lite and heater kick on. Or I can drive my car and it jerks really bad and then kicks it self off. What could the problem be?

got 2005 chrysler van...battery was checked as OK but needs recharge. battery is 2 years old. what's most likely cause ?
belts ?,alternator ? battery just going bad ? can this be easily diagnost ?

We are going to pick up a new seat tomorrow, but we couldn't see any bolts holding the seat in place.

it will not start and the computer say thats bad

does it need to be reset

where is blower mtr located love the car but things are starting to happen at only 78k, this is our third cad and most likely our last. can wants 6k to repair power seat mtr trans selenoid, and leak from oil pan power seat mtr is $1368
i purchased with 15k on it back in 2006 I thought this car wd hold up better than this very disapointed

The car has a new starter on it . When I turn the key to start engine their is a clicking sound. Could that be the silinoid?

Is it in the dashboard or on the firewall?

The brakes make a lot of noice, every where i stop and they are way to sensitive. One tap and the car screeches to a halt.

it is leaking fuel

do all of the motor mounts for this car look anything the same...

What should I check to see why the a/c blower switch is only working when set on 4 and a/c starts cooling after driving for 15 minutes without stopping?

The airconditioning fan will shut off on its own and then come back on after 5 minutes or so.

blower moter and it works we replaced the censer under the dash were the blower moter is but still not working any sugestion

'gascap' warning light is on; not corrected by replacing the gascap with a new one as suggested in the owner's manual. We used a device to clear the codes and it said there was still a slight leak . .

I had a used transmission put in about 18 months ago, the shifter has been sloppy since then. The shop I worked with went out of business and I just never took it somewhere else.
Is there an adjustment to fix this and tighten up the sloopiness? They are all selected when I put it in neutral also.