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We replaced the engine in my E350 Ford van. It idles great, but as soon as we step on the gas, the engine dies. No sensor lights come on. It just dies. I was told if the check engine light doesn't come on, the handheld computer from AutoZone won't tell us anything. Please help. I need the van.
I have a 93 Chrysler Fifth Ave New
Yorker. When I pull the headlight
knob out the headlight doors don't
open at all but the running lights still
come on. I can push on top of the
covers and they flip so I don't think
they are stuck closed. The headlights
aren't on behind the doors either
when I pull the knob out. Any idea of
what this could be and what I need
to do?
I had gas in the car, it started normal ran fine then just started jerking and made popping type noises then just quit. Had to have it towed home. It is not the fuel pump or fuse. Any ideas? Help
Also, my car has cut off while driving.even though it does starts back so far.
the airbag/seatbelt warning lamp comes on intermintly while driving or making turns
At this point there are no major mechanical issues. However, the electric hatch doesn't beep when it opens and the two back slide doors need a new motor. All the electric windows work fine. Great car with 55,000 gently driven miles. Has all the bells & whistles when I drove it off the showroom floor in 2001. No kids, no pets, no smoke, no body, but me going to the grocery store.
It will not you can not control temp. max hot only
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