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a passer by mentioned it sounds like my bearing is going out and if i didnt get it fixed id need another car. it starts out steady squeak. then once ur accelerating it becomes a whistle until u slow down enough or stop. then back to a squeak.its only been doing this for less than a month now
I was driving to work, then heard a thump sound,check engine light came on and car lost all power. Tried to start can hear engine trying to turn over, but no luck. How soon can I get car checked out and repaired at your shop?
TYC 17-5075-01 Chrysler PT Cruiser Driver Side Replacement Backup/Signal Lamp Assembly
Knocks loud on idle and acceleration
As I browsed the web looking for a new vehicle I came across a 2010 Chrysler 300 for a good price. The only problem is the engine and service lights don't come on! How would I be able to fix this problem and how much would it cost me?
We replaced the engine in my E350 Ford van. It idles great, but as soon as we step on the gas, the engine dies. No sensor lights come on. It just dies. I was told if the check engine light doesn't come on, the handheld computer from AutoZone won't tell us anything. Please help. I need the van.
I have a 93 Chrysler Fifth Ave New
Yorker. When I pull the headlight
knob out the headlight doors don't
open at all but the running lights still
come on. I can push on top of the
covers and they flip so I don't think
they are stuck closed. The headlights
aren't on behind the doors either
when I pull the knob out. Any idea of
what this could be and what I need
to do?
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