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Heating in the car...rather it's turned all the way up or down still barely blows out heat
i replaced the hub bearing on my 2001 chrysler town and country and when trying to take it for a test drive, the car wouldnt move in drive or reverse with the foot off the gas. i loosened the axle/hub bearing nut and it seems to run ok now, but i torqued the axle nut while the car was on a jack stand without the wheel on. does the car need to be off any stands and fully rested on the ground to properly torque the hub bearing nut?
Check engine light on, speedometer not working,won’t shift.
Original switch for heating seats is dead. I need to replace it with a standard one. What is the deal with the 2 wires that go to the third pole. On orig switch says pos and neg on 3thrd pole. Read on this site that the 2 wires (white and red/white) sends a signal to a controller ?? on my standard 3 pole switch (has led inside) how do i connect it ?? is it ground wired or is it a switch in the middle of a 12 v rail? thanks
2008 Chrysler town & country 4.0 litre 6 speed. Feels like faulty torque converter. Shuddering worst at 55 kph but I can feel it when gas pedal very light all the way up to 100 kph (60 mph). I've had the following work done; replaced transmission, spark plugs, ignition coils all to no avail. Now there is a clunk during start up as well.
After running out of gas and putting 4 gal. in car won't start
What is cause and cost to fix?
When i drive it sounds like a belt churring. Then while the car is in drive and im driving i just press on the gas and nothing happens but if i press real hard over and over then it will begin driving again
Clunk in rear of 2001 pt . How dangerous is it for driving.?
Not loud, just when it’s driven five minutes.
When I press my button on my key phob to remote start my car, the car honks twice and start up but only runs for about 2 minute then shuts off ( it should run for 15 minutes). IT was fine last year.
I have a 2004 PT Cruiser Turbo that is driving us crazy as we have to keep replacing the Cam Sensor about every 1000 miles. Any suggestions as to the cause? Our mechanic has used both off the shelf and Chrysler parts and both fail
Thank you
My chip key won't start my car, 1999 Chrysler Concorde, can turn it backwards to accessory but not forward to start, finally able to remove key after much difficulty, afraid to try again

PS, steering wheel was not stuck locked, that was not the problem
I repolaced lights and the light switch and the relay but still nothing
Tried pulling out Iod fuse its reset for a second then defaults to defrost again, to get the code ac 50 I put the switch to defrost temperature to cold and blower switch to any number but 0.
My 02 christler sebrings climate control has no power to it,checked fuses all cine what else could it be?
good what co
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