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Put the key in and no instrument lights or gauges, even when it's being jumped so I don't think it's the batter so idk what it is
During the course of normal driving I may slow down for a red light braking slowly, however if the light turns to green & I gradually push down on the accelerator and the engines rev's and then shift hard into gear.
If I am starting from a complete stop I don't have any issues, I have a smooth shift through the gears, It is only when I am driving and slow down and then attempt to take off (accelerate) in a normal speed do I experience the hard shifting.
Started fine with no issues 2 weeks ago. Getting ready to sell and went to start it up but nothing works. No dome light, have to manually unlock the door, no dash lights, no engine turn over, no sounds. Hook up a charger and it says the battery is 90%. Unhooked and rehooked battery and car alarm went off.then everything went dead again
I changed my fuel pump but I have no power to it I really tried to change relay but still I don't have no power on the fuse
chevy col truck vibration between 1000 and 1500 rpms going up hill
I keep changing the fuse and it keeps blowing out. I see that back in 2012 some Equinox owners were having the same problem. But no one seems to have an answer.
when I go to high speed #4 the blower turns off
I just purchased a 2012 Chevy Equinox a month ago. A week into owning it we noticed it start to stall a bit before turning on, but contributed it to how hot the weather was since we had just bought it from a dealer that said the car passed all their tests. About a week after that the car locked on it's own and the clicking sound continued like it kept trying to lock even though it already was. Then yesterday we went over a bump and the radio seemed to completely power off and then power right on again. Now today the car was dead and we had to jump it. Could all of this be caused by just needing a new battery or are we looking at a wiring/electric issue? I am a little upset we just bought what we thought was a nice, new, running car and are already having to possibly take it in for repairs.
i own a corvette c5 2004 and when i start my car my exhaust fan on the driver side makes to much noise. it used to be much quieter but now it extremely loud and is clearly louder and annoying while driving the car. I think it could be a problem in my cooling system because the same week my car overheated while i was driving and the coolant gauge was over 240. could it be a problem in my water pump or cooling system?
What should I do
My ac is blowing hot air but the heater works what can i do
the equinox 2015 stat but next day don't sart
I have a 98 5.7 silverado with 210,000 miles on it. I've been using a high mileage 10w-44 I think it is with a k&n oil filter and a bottle of lucas. Im getting a strange knocking noise. It only happens after a couple mins at start up. Im in 100 degree weather right now too. So I start it, give it a min to warm up and then by the time I get down the street to the stop sign I can hear the knocking / tapping sound. After like eight mins of driving the noise goes away. What oil would you recommend I switch to? And should I try a different brand? Im running a high mileage synthetic blend.
My car won't turn off but all electronics and my has has shut off and my key will not come out of the switch
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