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I turn the key and I dont hear it even try to crank up
Truck just won't start. Spark plug wire was removed and replaced. Took it to the shop they can't find anything wrong.
I used my seat switch to lower my driver's seat but it wont raise back up. I lowered it to its lowest position but the seat wont rise when i use switch. It's now stuck in lowered position.
Excessive rear inner tire wear what are the causes

How do I take off take out the Ignition switch in the in in my car
And what do I do about the anti theft I dont understand how it turns itself off and on killing my car while driving
Replaced the radiator, replaced and used a 180 thermostat instead of 195, and water pump. Whenever I drive either highway or back road the temp goes past the running temp(210) and gets to about 240ish and sometimes more. The a/c doesn’t work but the heat slightly does and gets warm just doesn’t blow out very hard, what could cause this??? And the clutch fan is running properly. Please help
happens at random time, will do it at start-up, or as the vehicle is running
Grounded single wire and gauge maxed out. Put new sending unit and 2 pin connector in and it will not work. The guy at parts store told me to just use 1 wire and cut the other one of the new pin connector.
truck has been running good started yesterday fine this morning won't start checked for lose wires didn't find any
My tail light in my 2005 Chevy Equinox won't come on even after the fuses have been checked in all the bulbs have been replaced.
Have checked the fuel pump it's humming, it's firing, can someone give me some ideas
My 95 Chevy Tahoe has been idling rough at times, and it seems that the smell coming from the exhaust smells like stinky gas. My cousin noticed the other day that when I was idling in my church's parking lot, it looked as if the lights around speedometer were dimming as the truck was idling rough. Also, at times when I am going through a drive-thru, my truck almost jerks when I have my foot on the break. My uncle and I feel as if the fuel pressure regulator might have gone bad in the truck, but I am not sure. We really want to isolate the problem, so we know what correct part to buy.
Ac will not run when you hit the button
I bought a new ignition and lock cylinder and Need the security light to be turned off so I can start my car. How much would that cost me to be fixed?
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