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and there is a clicking sound in the back hatch and it makes the battery go dead
brakes smelling
about a week ago my traction control,abs,and,(p)brake lights all came on and my truck started jerking and had no acceleration so i had it tested and the tester said it was the driver side rear speed sensor so i ordered another one and replaced it,the traction control lights have gone out but not the abs and (p)brake lights i reset battery and checked all groundsto find nothing wrong any suggestions thank you
my truck never got "hot"...I just saw water pouring out of it and replaced it. This morning, I get in it. It starts up fine and I get about 1/4 mile and a big check engine light with a downward arrow comes on and the vehicle loses power. Will not go over 10 miles an hour. Went back home and cleaned the electronic throttle control, it was very dirty but still the light is still on and the truck will not go over 20 miles per hour so I guess it helped a little...any ideas??? I can push the pedal to the floor and nothing happens, it just won't go over 20 miles per hour.
This morning on my way to work in ICY conditions...I slid off of the road into a ditch. I was on a rural road so I just put the truck in "D" and gunned my truck and got myself out of the ditch. After driving about 3-4 more miles, I noticed that my temp gauge was going up and it went all the way to HOT. I pulled in a gas station and let it sit for a few. I went inside and bought 50/50 Antifreeze and as fast as I was pouring it in, it was running out from near the bottom of the motor. It was definitely not a hose or didn't seem to be and definitely not the radiator. The Truck has 220K miles on it so I drive it soft but I wonder if i did something when I gunned it this morning to get out of the ditch. ANY help would be appreciated.
How could someone tell that what it is without looking at it. It also brakes funny with vibration.
Is there wheel bearings in the rear wheels
All the intake systems was properly serviced at a repair facility in Garden City Georgia.
They've cleaned all the components and replaced the map sensor.
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