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I turn on my engine and drive a bit but then the reduce engine power light goes off and and when I try to accelerate it won't .i turn of the vehicle and turn it on again but after I drive for a bit the light turns on again and does the Same thing
Right behind the center console is a stereo/climate control that has no power, also the turn knob by gearshift that controls the rear climate control dont work. I also took apart the rear stereo/controls and used a test light to see if i was getting any power to anything and when i hit one of the wires the rear air turned on but loud blowing noise on right rear side that alot of air was coming out, i think it sounds like the ductwork came loose and its not getting air to the rear vents, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. With the different problems i dont know where to start.
Left my window cracked on drivers side and it got wet. I replaced the window switch cause i couldnt open my windows from the drivers side btmy headlights dont work. Not even on daytime running mode or manual mode? I checked all the fuses also can any1 help?

First sign of trouble was when coming to a stop the oil gauge would go all the way down and it would say low engine oil, stop engine. I replaced the oil sensor and it did nothing. A month later more and more things quit working. Keyless entry, interior lights, automatic cornering mirrors. Its the LTZ model, so it has a lot of extras. It drives fine and only has 80k miles on it but I think the cpu is going out. Any ideas what is wrong? No codes to go by.
I changed spark plugs my engine sounds horrible and engine light was on. I had a mechanic buddy hook up his diagnostic and my engine is misfiring in cyl 5 and 6. After driving it a little we hooked it back up and then it was only misfiring in cyl 5. The next day I drove to town and it did fine until heading home then my check engine light started blinking only after accelerating over 20 mph and has a bad odor from exshaust... Its been a week now and its still doing this?
It has a front seal leak
Now there is an engine light with an arrow in the middle that comes on

What is that?
Can I drive it to the repair shop etc
i checked the bulb good and i checked the fuse good also
what would cause this to happen and i also have no power to rear vents/tempeatures also.
now it will turn over and sometimes it will act like it is trying to start replaced the fuel filter still no goo does the samething I can hear the fuelpump kicking in. while it was in the shop the battery went dead and they let it set for 2 days without the battery
I think it has something to do with my tailgate because my backwindow wiper quit and my rearwindow defogger also quit working.I have no warning lights! Please give me some ideas!
A/C blows in back, but not in front. Gradually showed irregular operating patterns...high fan still blowing after engine was shut off...then no fan at all up front. The back wasn't blowing, but now is blowing.
I checked bulbs,replaced bulbs,replaced power to tail lights.
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