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water temperature stays around 210 degrees is that to hot

hermostat replacement

when should I put in a thermostat in should I put in a thermostat in my trailblazer

No state of health U1000

I need to know where is located the vehicle speed sensor circuit

Any suggestions on what I can do to correct this problem?

mechanic said there is no power to ABS system and therefore not able to pinpoint problem. All fuses are good. At the same time of starting the vehicle, the airconditioner stopped blowing. He said that the condensor is fine just the blower stopped.

it bent on the bottom line and partialy bent on the cooler.

all of a sudden the trailblazer just quiet on the road and will not start.

When I changed the battery and on the air the truck stop it will drive without the air. So I took it to auto zone and put it the computer map sincer pop up changes that it do same thing

Sometimes I turn the key and it doesnt even crank just moves forward. I just wait about 15 minutes and then i try it again and it works. Could this be a Security problem? Help!

Had to slam on brakes to avoid an accident. Now drivers side tire is rubbing against panel. I am trying to see why it is doing this whenever i make a left turn. I can clearly see that now the drivers side tire has been pushed back more than the passenger side tire. What do I need to do to get this fixed?

EVAP vent solenoid was told there is one in the front by engine and one near the gas tank. Should I replace both or does one go out more often then the other?

there are two

I tried to turn it on and would not start. The gear shift turned loose and car would go on reverse when I pressed on the brake.

does blow when doors are locked withe the remote

I recently replaced the alternator in my 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer. After it was replaced, I drove my vehicle and turned on the air conditioner. Immediately, the car began to stall out. I gassed it, and it continued to drive. I turned off the ac and it stopped stalling.

Usually stops if put into neutral. I cleaned throttle body.

front deferential insted of replacing it.

harm it to do it now

The fuel gauge shows empty with a full tank of gas and I cannot tell when I am out of gas.

Put in delco iridium plugs car was missing times 2 days noticed oil in one housing and signs in another housing.Mechanic can't repair till this weekend.How much damage is this going to cause!Car was running great till then.130000 miles Now have flasing check engine light!

my 2004 chevy trailblazer was leaking coolant so I figured since I had a big hole in the top of my resivoir that it needed to be changed so I bought a new one and got it put in but its still leaking from the same spot(the back, there is a hose in the back of the resivoir) I don't know what IS causing it. the old one was not hooked to anything so I didn't hook this one up to anything. any suggestions????? it happens all the time, it don't matter if the truck is running or not it still drips out.

I have replaced the plugs, fuel, and air filter. also fan clutch and water pump. it shows code p1481,1482, and 1484 on my little hand scanner. I talked with a tech who said that the 4.2L have a secondary air on the side of the block that may cause it but idk. If i clear the light it stays off for 10-15 miles then comes back on and the cruise cuts out. plz help

What to do my battery is new don't want to drain it.

Fully charged. Wont turn over. Just dims the lights wen u turn it over. Starter is getting power, it turns over wen i start it from the cylinder. But not getting fuel or fire. Just cranking over dry. Im thinking its the anti theft. Is this common in these vehicals? I tried dicoing the bat, connecting it. Then waiting half hr. still nuthing.wats your thoughts?

I have an engine error code P0410. The air pump does not come on when engine is started. The 60 amp fuse in the engine fuse box was blown. The pump and hoses were filled with water. I replaced the fuse and the check valve on the manifold. I figured this was faulty which caused the water in the hoses and pump. I removed the plug from the pump and checked for 12 volts after the engine was started. No voltage was present. I removed the relay from the pump and disconnected the plug. I measured 12 volts across the coil. Figured the relay was bad and replaced it. Still no 12 volts at the pump connector. Could use any help from here.

I'm guessing the brakes need to be replaced.

thank you

when you push on the horn inside the car it does not sound but when you hit the lock button on the twice it will sound. Thanks

my a/c only works on 4 now and the miles show up in odometor but not sppedometor. ck engine light, airbag light and change oil light always on.