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I have had to call towing twice. Chevy dealer has no idea what it is. They fixed something last week but I have been stranded twice since!! It is sitting at the dealer right now! It will suddenly let loose then a day later it freezes again?? Help!!!
Do I need to replace the cam actuator solenoid?
The change oil light comes on for about a minute and goes away. If I change the oil will that solve the problem? It has 80,000 miles on it. I do notice a leak of antifreeze coming from the exhaust. Help please!
will not engage ignition at all. Have gotten radio and window switches to work. After getting the key out hear a faint sound like L/R door lock cycling. Some faint clicks from the cluster and slight jump of needles in dials. The not starting acts like a neutral safety switch but all of the other stuff??? Has ignition switch replacement fixed it. Has anyone had all the other strange things happen?
I have three lighters which have gone out, one at a time, over the three years I have owned this vehicle. I checked the aux power fuse under the rear seat and found it to be good. What else could it be and how to I fix this problem. I need at least one to charge my laptop and phone while I am working.
The light turns on by the dial but that's it and you can hear it click on in the motor but other than that it don't work front or back what could it be
We have had 2 Chevy Dealers & 1 local repair guy... tell me 3 different things for this A/C problem. Who to believe???
Can hear AC condenser clicking on & off while idling, have blower that blows out at all speeds & on forceful the recirculating button below radio.
Have been told 1)recycling switch problem, 2) when had a brake line rupture - braided line had been rubbing on something & rubbed a hole in brake line leading to zero brakes one day! We had asked the repair guy to look at the A/C issue also & were told that the A/C line had been compromised by the brake line as well - small pin hole leak now in ac line, 3rd) driver side actuator problem. All quoted about $500++ to fix it.
I went online and found a video on the actuators. I pulled drivers & pass. side(s) dash trim apart lightly. (Removed the plastic colored trim coverings for the dash area.) I can see the actuator on pass. side working. I can see one of the actuators high up above the gas pedal... it has the little circular dime size ring move when I turn the knob that changes the flow of the air from feet only to feet & chest, to chest only, and to defrost. I believe then this the mode actuator. Down below this about 6" & right next to the black vent line that runs across the bottom of the whole driver area - I see another actuator where the little ring thing that is supposed to move.... but doesn't move whether a)I move the air flow (Mode?, or b)whether I move the driver side toggle button that changes the temp. from colder to hotter. I have the diagrams from GM on the locations of the three actuators on this side, but can't find another one. I'm thinking the 3rd actuator is the defrost actuator and it must be way up inside and behind the mode actuator. Knowing we've had 3 different people look at this AC issue, and knowing what I've I told you.. what do you think? Do you think it's a driver side temp. actuator that needs to be replaced? Please advise!
When vehicle is put into drive and gas peddle is stepped on the vehicle bogs down before accelerating. Also when brakes are applied at low speeds the antilock brakes engage and disengage making aweful noises and allowing the vehicle to continue to move.
There is a steady leak coming from the bottom of the fluid resevour, and I can't see if it's the hose or the resevour stub I have to remove the whole pump it looks like, but I can't see where the bolts are through all the shrouding, do I have to remove all the shrouding? Or is there a simpler way?
Has 175,000 where is the varible timimg sensor so I can clean it, does the cam or crank shdft sensor need replaced.
I now seem to have a leak of just water on my passenger front floor board. Both times I noticed the floor wet, I had been through a car wash but the seals seem to be good. Ican not locate the tube that leads to the fire wall to see if it is clogged. Do you know where it is?
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