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The ac blows cold and it will randomly blow warm for a little bit then it blows cold again. I replaced the fan clutch And it’s charged
There is a buzzing noise coming from the B-pillar of my 2008 Trailblazer SS. It seems to go on after the vehicle is stopped for a bit as well.
The top vacuum line connecting to were the throttle body isn't sucking air at all... normally it sucks air the way the brake booster hose line does wen disconnecting the line the car idles down or bogs down like it wants to turn off but it doesn't even do that..
Wen turned on the rpm's mark ok.. but wen it's in drive or reverse or come to a stop then letting go of the brakes my car takes off slowly and little by little it starts gaining speed and my rpm s start rising till they mark to 1300 and it stays there... and that's without even touching the gas pedal .... I need help fixing this problem quick
The driver seat no longer goes back when you remove key. When you insert Key does not move either. The button works to move it back. Also the seat is loosing air.
It doesn't make any noise like it's going to start or even hesitate to turn over I have power so I was wondering was it the starter or my ignition switch
When I fill up it still says empty. When the car is running the gauge goes to F and E. I've been managing the mileage to not run out of gas. Please assist.
I've put a new camshaft sensor, oil gaugr, also put new tire monitor new ignition switch. It drives good just lights go on and I lose performance in my motor. What do you think it could be?
Throws wrong codes. Replaced ignition, MAP sensor, cleaned throttle body, tested starter, battery, fuel pump. Now I'm told possible PCM relay and/or fusesfuses, or wiring harnesses. I can drive approx. 4 mile round trip safely, any further its a one-way trip until next day when it'll crank & I can drive home w/no issues. Oh, and dash looks like Christmas tree. Check Engine, Service Stabilitrak, Brake, Tire Pressure, etc.
recently had front differential replaced and the 90,000mile service done as per the maintenance schedule. Stability track comes on randomly, on the highway, for no reason, on straight, flat, dry surface. Stays on until I brake a little and keep braking a little in intervals and then it goes off. Very scary. No rhyme or reason for this. I love my car!!! Don't want to give it up, help!
when stabilatrack is engaged truck wont go .if I turn stabiltrack off it drives fine but sometimes makes grining noise.
Since this started I have also noticed that when turning the car off it shuts everything down, when it never did that before it would stay on for about 10-15 minutes before this happened.
Back up is this a problem or is this normal
Recirculation stuck. Would not cool for one trip home from store, cooling now just blower stuck on high cool. Must pull battery lead to turn off
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