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The bottom of the grill has notches where retainers fit in. On the drivers side the notch is facing the opposite way as the rest. What is the easiest way to get all this to align so nothing gets broken?
It happens as soon as my foot hit the gas it smokes and over heats I need to no what's goin on so I can get back drivin
If left in park,turn,signals,ok
check engine light does not show on dash. may need to change bulb.
It just started knocking out of no where. Only when press fuel not in idle
There wasn't any fluid. Filled but no change.
There was no transmission fluid
Filled fluid, but still will drive forward.
When it does overheat when i turn the steering wheel the battery lite come on what could it be
when I turn on the headlights my dash lights turn off
Have checked oil pressure. Belts. Pulleys. Running out of places to check. Thanks
Only get up to 55mph
my son wrecked it and the wheels are not straight,it would sometimes be hard to turn,it would make a squilling sound when turning, driving and the steering just went out? What should I check for?
it stopped than when I tried to restart it, it has a noise like whhio
Why is it doing this, replaced belts 3x. Any suggestions?
instructions or a video would be great.
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