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is it worth it? they say it runs good but I think to much mileage? What does everyone think?

Replaced alternator. Week later "Service Engine" light came on. Had garage run diagnostics - no problem showed. Only drove on short trips in city and light still on, but no still no problems ... Until I took a 200 mi trip and smelled something burning on my return trip. when I arrived home and turned car off, noticed dark smoke coming from under hood -- not sure where it came from (dark). Just wondering if anyone knows a reason.

Occurs everytime.

Tracker suddenly overheating, but only when driving.. never in idle. Replaced thermostat,alternator,water pump...still same. not sure if connected but a\c quit too at same time and battery showing small loses of power .. one rad hose piping hot, other cold...all fans seems ok, blows but no ac. No water in oil or vice versa.. im at the end of my budget for fixes so any info would be great..oh and only codethat came up was for engine overheating

Seems dead at times, other times radio plays and there is a clicking noise. Battery is new and has been tested. Has started afyer long jump, has started after messing with wires hanging on fuse box (under the hood by battery). After getting it started we can drive it 3-4 days and then we get in and it won't start. Took it to mech and he had no problem.

what else can it be?? the one guy says maybe the flywheel was put on wrong the other one iinsists it was put on right what could it possibly be?? any suggestions would be great

when we bought it the timing chain had to be replaced and it has been an awesome car but in the past few days it stated a knocking sound please tell me its not too serious

And tried to replace the blower motor with two other used blower motors and was told it was the resistor not sure where this is located or how I can fix it or cost thank you for the help

I got it upbto about 55 before I coughed and died, it's a 5 speed 2.0l 4 cylinder I want to make sure it's worth fixing. It shot oil out from the oil filter I know it needs an oil change but is there something I should be worried about with the knock and could the knock be causing the oil leak?

my tracker now will not shift past 1st gear when cold. I have to wait till hot.. checked AFT, was down, added more till full.. once hot , will shift fine. no leaks or puddles under it. but ATF looks like keeps going down, having to add everyday , also causing my check engine light to come on. able to shift manually on lever

min. prior to moving. Hard to start, recent new used engine installed, friend I think!!

seen oil on axle ,none in diff when axle can move around it must need bearing and seal ?Or maybe a used transaxle with no slop and has oil would be best?

Replaced bulb, but still very dim

This is the 2nd Tracker I've owned and both had the same squeak. Its more noticeable on bumpy roads. I thought it may be the steering wheel column, but I greased that and still hear it. I thought maybe its a common problem since its happened on both my cars. I can fix it if I know where its coming from. Middle console/dashboard area?

It doesn't do this every time. It's just does it out of the blue for no reason that we can find.

shop replaced master cyl, brake booster, distribution block, proportioning valve, etc. the brake pedal has very little give when key is off and when key is on it goes to the floor. can someone help me?

Replaced the stud on right front wheel then put everything back on now my ABS light is on when I drive it is not on right away after i brake for the first time i hear the abs noise and the light comes on and stays on after that no noise and the tracker is braking fine