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This is scout 2424 reprogram all new again now just auto works a little but doesn't pull at all in 4hi they tell me that encoder can sense where to go by the where ?? If this the case something must tell the encoder how much pressure to put on the clutch pack . If transfer is new compared to used The encoder will put now push on clutch pack. How does it know do the speedsenors on transfer case check this ?? If not what does.? In 4hi showing 4hi with front locked in .why doesn't this show a speed code ABS code sone kind of code Ps also have button changes with on and off on IGN.
The rear hatch wiper stopped dead at the left side of the window. I heard a clicking or taping sound. I replace the motor. Same thing happened. Went across and stopped dead then heard the same slight taping sound. Any Ideas?
Flashers work, right side works. Left side doesn't work with turn signal, but works with flasher. Turn left blinker on the lever turn off after turn. No lights at all
My front dash doesn't light up anymore and we have replaced the fuses. Are there any recalls that I should be concerned about?
My 03 tahoe as when i am accelerating it does not let me go passed 50miles . It starts to stall . Ive changed the starter got a new battery, new alternator , & still stalling . Please help ???
heater and defroster blow cold and changed thermostat and antifreeze levels are good?
Antifreeze level is good and changed thermostat.
I have replaced the battery 4 times within the last few months. Took Tahoe to shop to find out why, couldn't find a problem. They checked alternator and starter and both were working properly. How can this be? I don't know where to go from here. I have already checked all lights every where on vehicle at night such as under hood, glovebox, interior lights and visor lights. Even tore out visor light because years ago, this was the problem.
Changed heater core and control valve
Should there be some kind of lock up Even in 2 wheel and can you measure the this If case is in 2 wheel Auto 4 Or locked in 4/4 After having all elect. Parts replaced 2 to 3 times at GM dealer I an going broke but have no 4/4 this is a 2002 Tahoe ( plate on Case in a 2003 truck ) And they tell me there are no codes . P/S Is there a way of getting help from GM FACTOR???
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