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My truck seemed to drive a little funny the past few days...I drive to work ac worked fine, go to lunch nothing but hot air. Thanks in advance.
When you give it gas it back fires and dies.this all started yesterday.
ask because sometimes when I use it, it seems it doesn't pick up newer worked on roads, etc?thank you!-Nicole
While driving is ok but once is in stop and on it over heat and the a/c blows hot air we already change the thermostat and Water pump there's no leak the radiator has been check alrady is ok. We dont know what else could be
Could the carbon canister have anything to do with the pressure in my gas tank could that be what's keeping me from being able to fuel my truck that has been a problem with it for a couple months now it's just gradually gotten worse now it's to the point where it spells out almost all the time
Had ran it 45 mins. was hot out. no symptom till I started up a grade. Wanted to stall, like out of gas...pulled off road and it idled ok...sat a few moments. Put it in gear and it died. Would crank but not fire. Had to tow it. Next morning fired right up..Idle is a we bit rough.
I have changed speed sensor
Like I said before I recently replaced my fuel filter and pump and my truck still wont start. I am getting a spark but it doesn't appear there is any fuel getting to the engine. No idea whats wrong at this point. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Also my truck is a 5.3 flex fuel but that wasn't an option on the drop down.
Transmission acts like it is starting in 2nd gear
on and calipers painted, from the time i left lot brakes started grabbing and pedal goes down. i took it another shop and the hyd. brake booster, upper control arms and ball joints replaced. yet my brakes are still grabbing and pedal going down, shop has no clue. does it not make sense to backtrack to when the problem began, mechanic at car lot painted the calipers he said to keep them from rusting. no problems with brakes till then...ive told mechanic many times when it started.
there are no leaks, or air in line..
is there a way for me to know if its calipers? it happens several times a day when i drive it.. no specific place, its like once the brakes have been used after driving it 30-45 min is when it scares me drive it bc i always have my 2 young boys in the suv and im afraid that its going to happen one too many times and theres going to be an accident...HELP PLEASE
Replaced oil sending unit oil pressre was at 60 psi at idle. Now it over heats still the reservoir boils over.
after i tearing it apart i found a cracked in half planetary gear ,so replaced both planetary g. the case all the friction plates the oil pump and gaskets and seals . used tthe same steals servo pist. and solenoids put back in tahoe and now i have 1st , 2nd ,& reverse gear 3rd & 4th or overdrive is like shifting back in neural if any ideas befor i start tearing into it would be helpful
Come on and will not start until a 5 to 7 minute wait.
2nd. you can feel the jump in every gear change but not as hard as first to second. what you think is the problem?
when i drive my car it will go into 2nd gear. it will ram the rpm to the red so it will move.
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