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Veh is not mine. One I am considering buying, 198k miles. The CEL came on 3 dys ago. Code p0800 was pulled, misfire in #8. It is an '09. I own an '09 Z71, now with 196k miles. And was looking for a family veh. Have been a Chevy man over 30 yrs.
Any help suggestions would be awesome!!! I'd be able to buy it outright. But would not want to throw away money either. I have a '16 Prius as well. So the thought of those economics with passenger room & towing ability is my goal.

My Tahoe Hybrid shuts off after restart once it go down to auto start and I try to accelerate it shuts off
Can I take the hybrid system out of my 2011 chevy tahoe
Freon is good and there is no leaks . I noticed water by the cabin filter area and my floor on the passenger side is soaked ! What would be the issue?
My son ordered one and have had the vehicle to two different places and they have not had any luck with installation. HELP!!!!! Seems there is an issue because of it being a Hybrid. What can I do? I am in the Cuba City, WI 53807 area. Diane Welp 563 590 0354
Shut off while driving turn it off restart logo and then does the same thing shuts off at the pool to the side and shut off for a while started up start going and pulling and then shuts off over and over
Fault codes p0700 p0777 , can the sliding actuator have something to do with this?
Then it jerks when I slow down cause its idle is high.
The vehicle turns on the check engine and when i check the problem the problem is that the pulse in cylinders 1 and 6 are not receiving the pulse to open the injector thanks in advance for any help you can give
The dealership shop is saying that the Florescent Dye has damaged the AC system and adds $1500 to a $900 repair - Total $2400. Is there any warning about NOT putting Diagnostic Dye in a Tahoe Hybrid AC System?
after replacing all Tire Pressure Sensors the Tahoe drove fine for a while. Then the dash TPS fault light illuminated and has not gone off. All the tire pressure sensors are providing a pressure readout that corresponds to a manual pressure reading. I think I only have to clear the fault. I don't want to pay the dealer several hundred to get that done. Any suggestions or methods?
Changed cluster and same thing maybe even worse. Also tried a new ecm. Still the same. Seems like their bag light stays on the most. Still drives fine and everything else still works. Until cluster shuts off completely then no cruise control.
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