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brake light flashes 3 short and 1 long what does this mean

I have a 2003 Chevy Suburban Z71 and it has been a great car. Because I drive my young children around in it, I have a concern that they are riding along in the rear seat "unprotected" because there are no 2nd row airbags, or side curtain airbags. One of the children is still in a booster seat with side protection and the other is ready to move out of one. The car was manufactured before Chevy included them as standard safety equipment. Also, there is no stabilitrak/ traction control on the vehicle. Would you opt for a new vehicle that is more up-to-date on it's safety features or do you think that the Suburban's size/ weight would compensate for this in a collision? Safety ratings for driver and passenger are 4/3 stars respectively for this model/ year. Thanks for your input and help in the matter!

Engine has tap after cold start then it goes away?
Does the cam shaft & lifters need replacing? If yes,
cost of parts & labor?

Stuck in 4 low

Stuck in 4 low there are no leds lit on the switch

My parking brake indicator light is flashing, and the warning signal is beeping, even though the parking brake is released. Any suggestions?

is there an access panel to the fuel tank to replace the fuel pump or do you need to drop the tank

My suburban wont stay running unless I am giving it gas. When I take my foot off the gas it dies. I am going to start by replacing the fuel filter on my own before going to shop for additional diagnosis. Where is the filter located on the chasis and what are the steps to replacing it?

When I sit in idle/park my fuel gage drops to empty and the light comes on. Put it in gear/drive and goes right up back to the right gas level.

Started suburban this a.m little squeak from engine turned on defroster and lots of squeaks from vents inside cabin. Went out later, no squeaks with defrost but when a/c was on, nothing from engine but the inside vents were squeaking loud like earlier. Eventually stopped. New sound. saw no codes

AC failed. Dealer said $900 to replace compressor. Bought new parts online and installed. Put in oil and recharged freon. Only hot air, both front and rear. Checked fuses, all ok. Replaced them with extras, still only hot air. Touching accumulator, it's HOT, not cold. Any ideas?

1995 chevrolet suburban k2500 v8-7.4L-the fuel pump is continuously running-have check fuses/relay-with relay pulled out vehicle still runs, battery dead over night,check lines there are no leaks. what else can I do and what is making the pump to continue to run all the time?

fuel pump is continuously running-battery dead by morning-pulled relay pump stills runs-check all fuses, check lines for leaks-only time it will go off is when I disconnect the battery, What is making it continuously run? what else should I check/do?

At low speeds, I can turn right perfectly, but no power steering for a left turn. Hydraulic pump pressure seems OK. This problem just happened with no symptoms leading up to it. I was told that the gearbox is binding (but no one can tell me what is broken in it) and must be replaced and that the hydroboost must be replaced and that the front differential VIN tube/gasket is leaking and must be fixed/replaced. Does this make sense? Val

how can i change a ignition lock on a 1995 suburban.

What is the spark plug gap.

The left blinker won't come on unless the brakes are pressed then it comes on solid not flashing. The fuse is not blown; I tried a new fuse just to test it. HELP!!!!


Why does the floor on the passengers side get hot and wet?

just got a couple of weeks ago . i really did not check fan , but a/c blew cold not when i start it the air is coming out of heater ducts then shits to vents. changed electric fan. was froze up but only had power on one side of fuse then changed relay got power no fan still, looked at a wiring schematic has ties with recirculating blend door. i think thats it the problem but not 100%

Both power steering and brakes are very hard to use, literally have to use all my strength to get it to turn and press on brakes very hard to stop. Why would both of these be affected?

My 2500 Suburban 4x4/454 has started to shift hard, especially between 1st and 2nd, but it's in all gears. The problem comes and goes. Can't see a pattern. The fluid is clean and at the right level. Never know if it's going to be fine, moderate hard shifting, or even occasionally slamming form one gear to the next. Am reluctant to go to transmission shop without some knowledge about likely causes. Any help out there??? Thanks for ideas. Paul

On my way home from work the ABS light come on and my transmission started slipping on my 2000 Suburban 2500. The speedometer also started bouncing around and finally went to zero while I was driving. After sitting for a little while it drove like normal, and then started the same thing. Is the transmission going out or do I have a bad sensor somewhere?

I am replacing a leaky wheel seal this weekend, and figured that I might as well change out the inner bearings as well on my 115,000 mile 'burban. Doing some research on line..some people say to grease the bearings, some say that the drive oil is all that is required. Which is best?

The ac is losing its charge, cooling is minimal. The information on refrigerant to use under the hood recommends R-22 or equivalent. I thought all automotive was 12 and then changed to 134a. I know the oils are not compatible, so will a system flush solve the problem and change to 134a.

Do you have to pull the dash out to fix the heatercare?

Where is the fuel filter located?

no engine light codes.I am guessing A vacuum builds in the gas tank and when released within 5 min of turning off a "ping" sound is heard that resembles what I think is the gas tank resuming its original shape. I checked and found No connecting hoses plugged or pinched. This started after the tank was removed and new pump installed. What should I be looking for or how to test the carbon canister for fumes to flow freely? It happens in warm or cold temps.

Cost of the repair and Labor for this job.

adjust timing 94 k2500 454