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When driving over 35 mph the engine temperature seems to be fine. Once I come to a complete stop the temperature starts going up. Once the temperature gauge needle reaches the half point the fan noise gets very loud when I accelerate & the truck looses a lot of power. Slowly the needle starts creeping higher and higher until I start driving over 35mph again. There are no leaks. Coolant level is at its normal level. I also checked the radiator cap & looks fine. The thermostat seems to be working as well. Also there is no white smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe. The Suburban has 45,000 original miles on it. Please help thanks
Hi,my rear heater is blowing cold air.I took it to a shop,they told me it's the heater core,so i change it,a $ 300 job.
But it's still not working all the time.They told me to press on the gas pedal to send hot coolant to the back for it to work but still it's not working.Does anyone know what's wrong with it?
Winter is very close now and i have small kids.i would really appreciate if someone could help.
I'm looking for a replacement power booster and I don't know which it is. When looking up parts it's states for use with a particular JH system. How do I find this? I have a 2004 Chevrolet suburban 2500 4x4 6.0l.
Would the crank positio sensor stop it from starting if it got that hot. Pwm was relocated to front bumper long ago. New heads,waterpump,fan clutch,radiater, coolant temp sen,air intake temp sensor all before this overheat suggestions on why it won't start. It turns over and there is fuel no codees on scan gauge iii
I turn it on and it turns on then off in like 30 seconds
My speedometer stop working on me
any advice on changing it also
I have a full floating axle. As far as i know i need to reamove the tires then i have to take off the 8 bolts around so i can pull out the axle. what i dont know is if ill have to get into the differential to remove any types of pins or locks.
no error lights
The ABS light is still on after replacing brakes.
truck will start fine, but will not shift, like the lock is still engaged, also when it will not shift the key will not turn off. This started about a week ago and is getting progressively worse. I see fixes for trucks with tilt wheels, mine is a non tilt base truck. any fixes for this?
Ever since the dealer replaced my instrument cluster, the engine light will flash above 65 MPH if driven at a constant speed (random misfire). If I drive at various speed going from 60 to 70 back and forth, its fine. I took it to the dealer (another), and they can not find anything wrong with it. I had them replace the wire and plug, still no help. One old mechanic told me that when they replace the instrument cluster, they did not recalibrate the crankshaft. Could this be the problem? Been driving below 65 MPH for the last year. Can anyone help?
you can feel it drop in but don't move
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