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Hello, I have a 97 suburban that will not start. No spark!!! Hit was to passenger fender. I have no rpm signal!!! Things I have replaced are
Cam sensor
Plugs and wires
Cap and rotor
Crank sensor
Everything has power and 12v except yellow wire to crank sensor. Has 8.1v. Assumming not sending signal to pcm. I have went through the wiring harness and have found nothing wrong. Also with test light I get no pulsing. I've checked all grounds and connections. Does not have any codes. Fuel pressure is 60lbs. What am I missing??????
Put car in drive it would not move forwards or backwards no wining in transmission or strange noises in or out gear. Transmission is full of fluid, also tried putting it into 4 wheel drive with no change. This is an automatic transmission 4 wheel drive,
for about a week now my car has been idling really rough shaking really bad and then we go to press on the gas pedal to take off is Start like sputtering or puttering
i have been running the truck as a taxi.
I was driving the truck around town I had used reverse I pulled into a parking spot and a when i went to back up nothing happened it doesn't even feel like it is going into reverse.
Locks work with key fob. Fuse blows after couple of minutes. What should I check next.
I have a 1998 Chevy C2500 Suburban. Just started the other day, My right blinker and marker lights stay on all the time and the right turn indicator light on my dashboad is also on. when I use my turn signal to turn left they work fine. If I use my turn signal to turn right I here a buzz and the lights stay on. Is it the turn signal lever? I check all the bulbs, all are lighting up.
I just changed fuel pump
it happened when I punched the gas
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