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My headlights work my brake lights work tail lights work but no blinkers no dash lights and no car lighter checked all the fuses took everything I don't know what's wrong please help thank you
Which alternator do you recommend? I am in north Idaho.
Happens when moving from about 5mph to 40 mph diff / driveshaft makes loud moaning noise
My 2002 5.3l flex ls 4x4 suburban some times stalls at low idle and upon start up if I turn on the heater it dies
I changed the fuel pump but ,only if I put gas in the distributor it starts I got spark
I put it into reverse and it moved, clunked and then nothing. It goes in drive but shifts rough.
My computer went out on my 03 suburban.can I use the computer from an 01
This is an intermittent problem but is increasing in frequency. Truck has 200K in miles. My research on-line yields mostly speed sensors may be dirty or need replacement in from wheels.
Truck is stalling as if it's out of gas bt has gas I have changed fuel pump and all filters, what could it be?, HELP
Then my service stability track light came on as well
every time you start it every anywhere i start my vehicle
Stability System Disabled error for months now, once went into 4WD on it's own. Then after a 3 hour drive it went into neutral at 45 MPH. Could get it to reverse from a parking spot but not go into drive. Dealership found nothing, changed transmission fluid upon request. Driving now but only an hour at a time. So far fine. But I have a trip to make and don't want to destroy transmission.
New thermostat, reservoir very full, heater blows cold. It overheats in 5 minutes @ 2k rpm rev. Both radiator hoses are hot. I don't know what the next step is.
There has been almost a looping..not like a cylinder issue.
Will I also need an alignment
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