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cruz was actin like it had a.short-use lft trn sig cruz wld go away-replaced it but still no cruz-it just died-no eLearning
The system has a good coolant charge
Is on and turned all the way on cold on both sides
Chevy suburban some times it back fires can't get it to shift and won't go over 25 when I start it in the morning black marks on the ground from starting it it don't do this all the time I'd I start the truck it will run fine I have changed cats both of them and sparks and wires done compression test to
it's getting power from the battery and was starting fine. when i look at the starter i feel somethings missing but don't know enough to tell. it's not making any noise or anything
Only smokes when first cranked.
where is the fuse for the temperature gauge located on a 2002 chevy suburban 1500 4x4 5.3 l ls
Alternator, battery, and belt are good? It doesn't move at all.
I've seen the Service 4wd message come up occasionally. The truck won't go into 4wd while the message is displaying. The truck goes into 4wd fine afterwards. I've read a little an am encouraged that often the light shows up often from lack of use. I'm now engaging the 4wd more often just in case it's a lack of use issue. I just purchased the truck and first saw the message 3 days ago. I'm planning on 4wheeling on the hatteras beach in a month.
Replaced radiator. Still getting hot. Now white smoke is coming from exhaust. And dripping coolant. Maybe head gasket?
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