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I have a 2007 Chevy Suburban which seems to go through a quart of oil every 2 to 3 thousand miles...usually before I get an oil change. There is no evidence of leaking anywhere. What is the problem, anyone know? My email is

i replaced the fuel pump and delivery system and now my truck will start but will not stay running at idle. if i keep on the gas pedal it will run nice but when it idles it will die and doesn't want to to start again for a while. what can i do now??

does shocks need replacing after 11 years

need front pads someone said i needed rotors
i dont can you turn front rotors on this suv

My suburban shake when I apply on the brake especially when I drive at a high speed

Vibrating noise from left rear upon acceleration.

Ok, I'm helping a friend out with the running issue on his suburban, this all started when he ran out of fuel. He filled up the tank only to find that his fuel pump had crapped out on him. So that has been changed along with the fuel filter. Once we got it started, it seemed like it was running on only 4-6 cylinders. The next weekend, I helped him with a tune-up/diagnostic. Changed out the plugs (gapped at .060), wires, cap, rotor, PCV & air filter. I had also spotted/replaced a couple of bad vacuum lines/elbows and cleaned the MAF & Throttle Body. We also tested the fuel pressure (56psi at prime) which dropped slowly. Upon further inspection (removing the upper intake plenum) we discovered that the fuel regulator was leaking. We removed the fuel injection "spider" and replaced the fuel regulator and cleaned the injector nozzles. After reassembly (no nuts/bolts were left over, hehehe), we cranked it up and it improved quite a bit, but it still ran with a mis. I've got a Snap-On Deluxe Scanner so we hooked that up to see how random the misfire was. We discovered that only cylinders #2 & #5 are misfiring. We double checked the plugs/wires and were still getting the misfire. Just FYI, the running fuel pressure was steady at 56psi at idle. I don't find any fuel in the oil/crank case and I know the EGR, IAC is working. I'm kinda stumped. The only thing I can think of is either the injection "spider" went bad in those two cylinders or maybe the ignition control module crapped out. There is no mechanical knock or any metal/metal grinding sounds or valve chatter that I can hear. Any input on this would be appreciated. Thank You.


What are the manhours required to replace the heater core on a Chevy Suburban?

wich side of motor is bank one,and where is sensor one

2001 suburban stalles when applying the brakes

i had the radio on and turned it off, but forgot to turned the switch off with key. put new battery in nothing. no light on the dash.

no codes cames up on coder reader but i left the gas station and i had a trailer on the back .then it just stop hitting its passing gears i changed the strainer still no change /speed sensor no change so now ..i may have to change my trans.shift sensor silonoids u think this will solve my shifting problems? can u tell me where the shift sensors r located. is it where th strainer on trans?where? please help..

this web sight is usless

Okay i have those codes and if the 420 could be caused by misfire so does that mean that if we can find out why it misfires and fix it will that take away both codes. How would i be able to find the misfire . I have already done all spark plugs and wires and replaced all the 02 sensors.. and they removed codes p0171 system too lean on bank 1 and p0174 system to lean on bank 2... help me..please I have no idea what to do .. some say to replace catalytic converter how ever why would it say it passed on the smog cert. some say change 02 sensors again.. i am confused

Some of the heater control dash lights have stopped working. How are they replaced?

I went to get a smog and it failed and it had four codes so I did tune up and changed spark plugs and wires and oil change and o2 sensors all four.. but I still have code 300 multiple miss fire and and code 420 low lean efficiency on bank 1.. what else could it be.. everyone giving me the run around.. please help me..

car won't start, I have tried everything I can thing of except timing it, I need directions to help me out.

My wife recently advised me the ABS and Brake light have been on her display each time she starts the vehicle and remains on. The P-brake is off, seems to be braking fine, really not sure if ABS is working or not. Brake fluid if fine, brakes are fairly new. I heard it may be either the P-brake release switch, or the ABS brake sensor. Not sure where to begin troubleshooting. any help would be greatly appreciated.

My 2008 Suburban's A/C will blow hot air on the 2 drivers side vents and cold on the passenger side. I have tried to adjust the passanger climate controls and other setting. this seems to be an intermitting problem. any suggestions?

brake lines need to be replaced

I've replace my thremostat and my heater is still blowing out cold air. What could be the prolem?

transmission whines everytime when in gear. gets louder as you accerlate.ALL ADVISE IS WELCOME THANKS.

Have had our 93 4x4 suburban for about 6 months now. It has 50,000 miles on the rebuilt 350 motor. Just a few weeks ago we changed the spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor. It seem to run fine until last week. We were driving at 55mph and it just died. We pulled off to the side of the road and it would not start back up. It would turn over but didn't start. Changed the fuel filter on the side of the road and it finally started back up. We thought that it was just a fluke and kept driving it. A couple days later it was the same thing. Just died and after 20 min of fiddling with wires, battery, computer, checking if the fuel pump was still turning on it decided to start. It did that two more times and just yesterday it did it again but this time refuses to start. We replaced theaaa distributor itself, the ignition control module, the ignition coil and it is still not getting spark.

What do you do when the Hydro-carbon is reading to high to past the emissions test?

my 1999 chevrolet suburban illum fuse keeps going out what could it be? and my power locks don't work either.

truck pops out of gear and makes a horrid grinding noise if gas is applied when in reverse. Does not do this in forward gears at all. It will idle backwards. This is an automatic trannie.

My 1993 suburbans tail lights and insturment panel light does not work. Brake,Backup,turn signals along with flashers all work.Checked fuses and bulbs all are working just fine. Anyone out there has or had the same problem?

i got a notice of a check oil pressure

was done at care care on louetta road no details of problem