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We replaced our radiator and after having fixed that problem, we were driving and had cruise control set and I felt a pop and the Rpms went from 2000 up to 3500, and then the engine lost power, we pulled over and had no visible problem. We got back on the road and the truck would not shift into gear at 45 mph, and starred to lose power. Babied it home (approx 1 mile) and now truck won't shift into 3rd gear manually or when using overdrive. Everyone we have talked to has said needs new transmission. All fluid levels are normal
It feel like it's topped out
I start burban up in the morning and its at norm pressure.After driving around town and it warms up it start to fluctuate and drops low and i have to pull over and stop. Tells me low oil pressure. It starts right up and it will run rough then back to norm.Oil level is good.
the car has drivers airbag steering wheel needs to be pulled
And the power steering fluid is low. Is it the hydrobooster? It just started whining really loud at the same time when accelerating like power steering sound but all the time.
The automatic rear liftgate has not worked for 6 months. We turned it off and have been opening manually although each time we open or close, we can hear the mechanism trying to work. Went to close yesterday and won't lock. Car chimes every 1-3 minutes while driving and automatic door locks lock 2 or 3 times in a row. Back right electronic door lock hasn't worked for about 6 months as well.
Was a class action ever filed? Have been dealing with oil consumption for years, deflector installed minor impact but still using oil. Recent problem with engine light and service stabiltrak error message. Told tests yield no compression in cylinder #7. Advised proper fix for long term is replace engien and control box. Seems to me like GM should be paying. 140K miles now purchased new from dealer.
Auto store keeps selling me a race for p/n80211 (even Chevy house) and according to the vin its the right on but not true this part will not go evenly with hole even with a race knocker how would I got about making progress not sure if auto store employees actually know the difference in part names unless they haveseen before.or is the race/shim supposed to be fitted/filed? PLEASE HELP
The wiring is messed up somewhere. The car starter turns over continuously. Sometimes won't start like the battery is dead. It just clicks likes the batter is run down. Need to know step by step to check the wiring.
the shifter sometimes will lock in park and cannot be moved when the engine is running and brake is applied
had the brake light switch fixed or replaced, now am having problems pulling the shifter from the park position
seeing how thos beast has a major wire grimmlen-power locks wrk when ever-keeps blowin fuses-cruz died(even after replacing arm)tail lits dont wrk(replaced the board &the plug)-i thank it wld b easier just 2 replace all wiring and remove a remote srt-just dont no about what it wld cost
cruz was actin like it had a.short-use lft trn sig cruz wld go away-replaced it but still no cruz-it just died-no eLearning
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