Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Questions

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When you put it in drive, it goes in to gear and as you start driving, it won’t shift to the next gears, just stays in first!
I changed the plugs wires and I checked the coils everything seem ok but runs really rough
I have a 96 chev pickup and when I start it up the like goes out then when I put the brake pedal it comes back on and stays on ?
This just started this
Has new fuel pump and filter. Checked and changed fuses. It's like it needs to be primed
I replaced spark plugs. Dealer said broke piston ring & low cylinder pressure on #3, I don’t agree because they didn’t scope the cylinder for scratches on cylinder wall & it’s not burning oil. I switched plug wire on that cylinder & switched coil pack on that cylinder, problem still. My personal mechanic says possible lifter issues due to AFM. He suggested to add Rislone & then change oil and filter with Mobile 5w30. Or replace lifters. (Requiring pulling intake & heads) Please Help??
Won't stay running only for 3 or 4 second
How can I fix door button that will not go down?
also cruise control does not work either. Think its time for a new one.

the horn blows one or two times and then the fuse blows. keep changing the fuse every time it blows
need complete removal and replacement of fuel pressure regulator on 1999 chev suburban 5.7 email
Suburban was running a little rougher than normal so I cleaned the throttle body. Put it back on and now it is stumbling,idling very rough . Ran the codes got a p0300 p0332 p0135 p0134. I knew it needed a new cat. So my question is can the Cat be causing it to run like this ? Should I replace the catalytic converter first and 02 sensors or the knock sensor and intake gaskets? Never ran this bad til the throttle was cleaned. The scan tool said the codes along with the words, evap, misfire, 4 inc , mil on monitors , catalyst, 02 sensor, HTr 02 , fuel and comp . Never overheated, no visible holes or cracks in hoses. Thanks!
I put a brand new battery in and it dies within a couple of days. I thought that there could be a dead short somewhere possibly in the power seats? I thought about trying to find the fuse for the power seat and see if the battery holds up after that.
No codes. Front drive shaft works in 4 auto mode only. Transfer case shifts fine but no power to front driveshaft.
Grinding from the rear end when I go slow. No noise when going faster.
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