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I have to change the engine soon?

My 2002 suburban runs fine. all of the sudden im stopped at a light and the rpms drop low. I tried to press the gas pedal to rev the rpm's and keep it from stalling and no response to gas at all. I smelled gas. I could not move the truck. I turned it off for two light cycles and tried to restart it. Started fine and drove perfectly for a few miles. Waited at a long light and problem happened suddenly again. Thought it wouldn't start after i turned it off this time but after a few minutes it started and i made it home. Any ideas?

broke while in lock position. i dont have a door key for vehicle if i have a door key made by a locksmith will i be able to unlock door with key evan if actuator is still broken

Every morning when I warm it up, it sounds like she surges (in a pattern) once we get going she's fine. Already changed my plugs/wires, could it b my fuel pump?

Fine in the back two rows. What could dat be?

The events are irregular: after use, after setting up for awhile; night time; daytime; you name. Have replaced the battery as it showed a fault.

What now?

I have had numerous opinions from transmission repair shops, independent auto repair mechanics, and even gm mechanics. The question is if you have a automatic transmission that hasn't been serviced on schedule (fluid and screen change) and it is getting up on miles (say 150,000), should you service the transmission, changing the fluid and screen? Some say that you will initiate a transmission failure because the transmission is now working because of clutch wear material actually filling in places to keep the transmission working, and new fluid would loosen those causing slippage and then clutch failure. Others say that its always correct to service back to good /new fluid and new screen and you will not cause any problems and actually lengthen the tranny's life because its now properly lubed and supplied with good fluid ?? I can buy both arguments but am curious if there is any real validity to the first idea - my gut is to service the transmission screen and do a half fluid change out so that its improved but still leaves some wear material in the circulating fluid.???

when i sprayed starter fluid in filtration system it starts but doesnt stay running thats why i changed the filter and fuel pump...... what else might it be? HELP please.

How many o2 sensors are there

I have a 2000 Chevy Suburban, one owner besides me and maintenance has been well kept on it. About 4 months ago, the engine started ticking. It usually does it the worst after I've driven a long distance ( four hour round trip, etc) or when it's first cranked up in the morning on a cold morning. My dad said it could be a lifter and a couple of months ago, I started use 20/50 w oil instead of the norm. I want to take a spring break trip next week and I'm wondering if it will make it to south Texas and back. Roughly 2,000 mile round trip but of course there will be day long stops along the way. Will it make it?

Repair and replace front differential unit

it jus shut down when i wasdriving. i had it scanned and it came up with U1016

If the rear audio controller is disconnected, would that make the rear speakers not work?

the radiator been replaced and the water pump but dont have a heater coil in it

My check engine light came on because my knock sensor for a wet, so I replaced both knock sensors and put everything back together but the check engine light is still on. Do I need to go get the computer reset to get it to go out?

And it says engine power reduced. And won't run. Turn it off for a few minutes. Then it w I'll be fine or in hook battery

Can't move the steering wheel from a dead stop or while it is moving slow. PS fluid is full but I did notice a puddle under the car after I moved it.

When it goes into 4-wheel low it clunks loud it will run in 4-wheel Auto but won't go in 4-wheel high at all

It's loud going in to 4 low the lights stay on 4low and auto but I'm in 2 hi what to do

My headlights work my brake lights work tail lights work but no blinkers no dash lights and no car lighter checked all the fuses took everything I don't know what's wrong please help thank you

Which alternator do you recommend? I am in north Idaho.

Happens when moving from about 5mph to 40 mph diff / driveshaft makes loud moaning noise

My 2002 5.3l flex ls 4x4 suburban some times stalls at low idle and upon start up if I turn on the heater it dies

I changed the fuel pump but ,only if I put gas in the distributor it starts I got spark

I put it into reverse and it moved, clunked and then nothing. It goes in drive but shifts rough.

My computer went out on my 03 suburban.can I use the computer from an 01

This is an intermittent problem but is increasing in frequency. Truck has 200K in miles. My research on-line yields mostly speed sensors may be dirty or need replacement in from wheels.

Truck is stalling as if it's out of gas bt has gas I have changed fuel pump and all filters, what could it be?, HELP

Then my service stability track light came on as well

every time you start it every anywhere i start my vehicle