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6 cd changer was working great. Went to put in another cd and would not accept. Message was no discs and cd symbol was flashing. Cd will not go in something blocking it. I changed the fuse to no avail. Radio works great
horn stopped blowing
while air is on i get cold air on driver side and warm air on passenger side
Oil leak slow leak.
Said now higher fan speed. Typed wrong no higher fan speed than low.
It's a 2005 Silverado SS ever since bought heat only works on 90 on climate control. Turn it to 89 cool air.
And now the fan only works on lowest setting. Now higher.
Any thoughts? Thanks.
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front rear end is out and transfer case also
When I first start my truck and put into drive, the transmission shifts roughly from 1st to 2nd gear (not bad for any other gears, though). There also seems to be a high pitch squeal at higher RPM's in first gear, right before shifting to 2nd. However, the more I drive and the warmer the transmission gets, the shifting seems to be a lot smoother (what I would consider normal) and the squeal goes away. This has been going on for almost a year, but hasn't seemed to get any worse. Would anyone have any ideas to what is happening and any solutions before I take it in for repair?
I have a 2005 Chev Tahoe & SS Silverado and both stereo's get so hot on the front screen, back in 2007-08 the cd players I guess got so hot the cd are melted to the inside or something. Has anybody had this problem??
The cd's will not eject or do anything.
when key is turned the shiter location light is off and it does not start or crank or click. also the fuel gauge does not work.
when i wait an hour or 2 it starts normally and works fine.
My fuel gauge has been off (wrong) for quiote some time.

i dont know where grease points are on 03 silverado ss 1500
A/C inop compressor not turning. Checked relay & swapped with horn relay, fuse is good, jumpered low pressure cutoff luck
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