Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Questions

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Need to check the pcv valve and can't find it
Transmission overheating
fluid full whines don't know if it is cap, line, or pump.
LLY engine. change sensor,had FICM repaired was bad.engine will not run at all. change high fuel pressure regular
Where all the brake lines go into the block underneath the driver's seat on the frame all five brake lines arrested bad looks like I'll need to repair all of them is this a common problem or what
Not sure what all has been done, came from another shop. No start without using ether. When tested pump it did not have proper psi, replaced the pump and same issue.
What do you think it is
Transmission going in to lymph mode what do you think it can be
What would cause the truck to lose all power . Pull over turn truck off and restart power comes back. It could do this 5 times in a row and then not for days or weeks,
2004 Chevy 3500 Diseal When you crank it the truck will run for a minute then die the fuel pump was replaced last year inside the tank. And replaced the fuel lines from the tank to the engine also. And we replaced the fuel filter yesterday and still want stay running. Its acting like it isnt getting fuel.
Losses power when under a load (towing trailer)-intermittent. Goes into "limp mode", 25mph max. Runs fine,gauges normal. Turn off and let sit.. Fire back up...operates as if nothing wrong. Heard maybe has cracked/warped/damaged fuel filter assembly... Anyone??
changed injectors ,both fuel pumps ;fuel regulator evap purge valve no codes
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