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My dealership mechanic replaced the throttle body and switch.
Currently the engine reduces power to about 40 mph lasts about a day then engine light and problem goes away, but then comes back every 2 or 3 days. How do i fix this problem for good. Throttlebody not dirty, no floor mat issues. Thx
i can only get cold air???? it will blow out of defrost but it is only cold same in dash vents. i replaced control panel but still only get heat on passenger floor.please help winter is coming
Won't shift out of park if key is on. Will shift if key is off and then can start in neutral .
I swapped my steer colum w/ used column same make/mod. now runs 3 sec. and dies. I did not swap ignition, used the one that came with new/used column. Will it need a relearn to correct? Or any ideas?
ive checked the plugs and fuses and its not hitting a lik@all
I have changed crank sensor and distributor pick-up sensor. The vehicle will start sometimes and sometimes not. Vehicle sets a lot between use. 5.7 engine, 165000 mi, good oil pressure, generally runs fine. Thanks
I know my power steering and brakes have lines running together my brakes barely work the a.b.s. is coming on and I have no power steering. All fluids are full no leaks. My truck is a 1999 Silverado 2500 4x4
does the transmission have to come out
My font pinion bearing in my front diff. froze up and when I activated my four wheel drive at 45 miles an hour the truck felt like the brakes were put on and I smelled clutches burning. I replaced the front diff. and now my transfer case will move the front wheels if the truck is on jacks,but on the ground it will not turn the front wheels. I heard that 4 low was a direct drive but it still will not spin the front wheels on the ground. I know that the clutches are bad, but could there be another problem. I'm sure I can rebuild it myself, but would it be worth it cost wise or should I buy a rebuilt one? Thanks Jeff Horton
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