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My truck made a loud noise underneath it.It sounded like something came lose or busted I thought it was the transmission so we bought a Yukon transmission and transfercase wire harness.It was hooked up and will not move when put in gear.
Jan 30 took it in and got a code P0573... replaced the brake switch all lights and dash sensors where off, but now they came on again and it gets stuck in park. I got it out after many minutes of trying and have left it in
Always starts and runs good cold, when hot after short off period, dies after moving, starts and idles fine, dies after just backing into lane of traffic
still owe 20,000 on a 32,000 dollar truck i bought it with 60 k only put 46 k on it and bad engine whats wrong with this pic what do i do
I tried moving steering wheel and tried the shifter and it still will not move. I had my truck go in the ditch last night wondering if maybe this would have caused it? Thinking maybe problem with the transmission not in park.
When I drove off I felt a lil rough shifting and The gear symbols were blinking.. check engine light came on also on the same..
What causes chevy truck with 6.0 engine to somtimes give a po300 code and run rough. Turn off and crank back up and its runs good.
The original mirrors didn't have turn signals but heat and pwr adjustment works. All connectors were present in plug from truck and from new mirror.
the vehicle starts and runs for a couple seconds, and then stops, over and over again
Shop. I have some knowledge can I fix this.
The compressor comes on sometimes and then sometimes it don't the charge is good thenough freon level is good so what could it be
While driving my raido will switch from Fm to auxiliary and my a/c wine just stop blowing
engine cranks for a couple seconds and stops
This truck has electric locks. Sometimes the doors will lock by themselves while the truck is parked. Sometimes it might do this more than once in a day and sometimes it might be days before it happens again. What is the possible cause.
i saw a video about this for a 2002 Pontiac Gran Prix but it did not work for me
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