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I replaced the crank sensor try to relearn procedure will start but will not finish
Go to slow down pedal is stiff can't hardly press onit. Has new pads, roters. When they lock up truck don't move till cool off. Out of ideas. Bouton ready to buy a foreign truck.
Duramax Diesel Allison transmission four-wheel drive VIN code 8
The E-brake switch was off when I took it in for the transmission rebuilt, when I pick it up the E-brake is on and won't turn off. I took it to another shop and they change the E-brake switch and now they are saying it may be in the computer for the ABS system.
Check fuse they look good . Is it a ground problem? What else could I check
my engine light will come on sometimes and then it will not
I have replaced them two times already
Other times it run just fine. No check engine light. Gauges (speedometer, oil pressure, etc) will be of and other times work OK. Now yesterday it barely ran at all. Idle was rough, and if I tried to put it in gear the truck died. Truck will start put a very rough idle and now I barely push on the gas pedal and the truck wants to die out.
I noticed the check engine light is now on but no other issues. I just had oil changed by a "professional" who reset the oil/filter life signal
It barely drives, top speed maybe 35. The next time I drive it it may drive normal.
truck keeps showing p0717 code and im not to sure where the turbine/input speed sensor is at
was at idle when it first happen pull over and it quit smoking now only doing it when I start in after not running for a
And just started and been going on for a bit haven't had any work done to it.i pull over let it cool off and keep going but I just recently pulled the pan there's no shavings any where to be found. Please help and yes it's a crewcab I really love my truck
Will there be a problem I top it of with 25 g of diesel
Happened once before in a rain storm
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