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At least every 30 days since I got truck used 3 years ago. Ive used expensive break pads, and yes i drive it about 300-500 miles per week, it is a service truck, but my 2001 same kind of truck i only replaced break pads like 1 time a year if that.
someTimes i turn it on and it works other times i turn it on and it doesn't blow air
no code any help ihave had it to several dealers they say nothing wrong
Driver door power windows and door work as expected.
ususally misses when you slow and accelerate on a hill or at aturn. Hot or cold engine doesn't mater. Changed fuel filter and fuel pump already. no change,also put a ground fro m alternater to frame and neg. post of battery. still misses.
Battery discharges overnight. Can the gauge inside car be disconnected without disconnecting anything else. I do not want to purchase a new cluster. Help
Just recently started this when driving. Today I shut it off and it started up with heat out vent while on recycle air with ac button not on.
replaced starter,ign switch add ground to starter,tryed jumping but no crank
I own a 2004 duramax. I replaced the hydro boost because it was leaking out weep hole. After flushing power steering system as per directions I have no brakes. Brake pedal goes to floor with no resistance and can be pulled back with resistance.
And the trailer brakes do not work. Can you tell me what will fix this problem?
Moved it up to highest point and now it will not move when I try to move it back down
Motor not wet just wet where engine and trans come together. I got it started after towing it home and now it is making noise kinda sounds like a pump popping not loud just noise that is never been there before?
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