Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Questions

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worked off and on for a week now nothing. checked fan its good.

The truck goes through spells where it acts like there is no gas (it does have gas). Error codes say there is low readings on camshaft/crankshaft Position sensors. I have already replaced the crankshaft sensor a few years ago and also replaced the fuel pump 2 years ago. I'm gambling on the camshaft sensor this time but can't find it

The evaporator line is hot when it should be cold. Somewhat cool air is felt when the climate control lever is on the coldest setting and the fan is on high.

it has an emission code could the catalytic convertors be clogged up

have checked fuse and its ok

have dual air,hot on one side and cold on the other

My tramission started leaking acouple of days ago, I have clean up the tranmission area and ensure that the drain plug is tight, it looks like it is leaking out the side of the casing, It is a slow one, two drop. Not sure if there is anything on top of the tranny that will cause a leak..

Center brake light will not work bulb is good what is the cause of this problem. How can I fix it

the dealer i took it to said this one does not..

v8 gas large alumimandrive line twisted bent and tore company that makes them out of buisness chevy can get one in a few weeks 600.00 bucks had one made local 585.00 so if the driveline is inferior the applacation and buisness out of buisness shouldnt it be covered by someone? truck has 50.000 miles

Truck has been serviced on schedule.

mechanic said a vent part is blocked I need name of part for ordering purposes located some where on or around fuel tank

I is worse when it is hot outside and when I ride the brake it stops. Also the rear rim is substantially hotter than the rest when I get out to check them.

the truck cuts out and takes back off when it dose it shifts hard code said it is the transmission manufacture control.i would like to know were this is located

Have used heat also, but may not have got hot enough?

What would make a transfer case loose fluid? I had it checked and guaranteed by a local business before taking a road trip, they said it was fine. Broke down 200 miles from home where a local mechanic said it had no fluid in it. Sounds fishy??? How do you loose fluid in a transfer case in less than 2 weeks? Help please.

changed fuel filter still wont start? does fuel pump have a fuse?


Whenever the truck goes over a bump in the road the rear left door sensor indicates that the door is ajar - which it is not. The automatic step starts to come down. I am on a trip with my daughter and it's driving me crazy!!!

How hard is it to change out the axle bearings and seals on the front axle of a 4x4 truck?

The blinkers and hazard lights do not work. Is there a relay or something that might be bad? Under the dash board, with the ignition turned on I can hear a small click when i move the turn signal switch. Any suggestions?

How do you change the frt side marker bulb

the truck started running rough and had loss of power seemed like it was starving for fuel so i shut it off to take a look and now it will not start only by shooting it with a little ether then it dies again.

Gas gauge reads quarter full and tank is empty

I tow boats and want to know the maximum towing capacity of my truck.

what is the cause of #4 cylinder to misfire on a chevy silverado 4WD HD 2500 6.0L . already replaced spark plugs, wires &coils with new parts. P0304 is diagnostic code

my 2005 silverado has no trailer brake lights. everything else works -signals,running ect. all of the truck works just not the trailer brake lights. fusses all good and I just replaced module in back end of truck - still no luck.

I recently bought a boat and tried to tow it, it ran fine on flat land however as soon as we hit an incline the truck instantly overheated. This has happened twice now.

I was driving down the innerstate with cruse control on. I was running 75, no warning rpm's went up and I had no gears at all not even reverse. Could this be a electrical or do I need a new trans? Trans was serviced at 90,000. I was not pulling anything at the time, but I do pull a large boat sometimes.

My father just purchased a 2500 hd base modle, that had come w/o cruse control. Is it posable to instal cruse control with factory parts and if so will the pcm need to be reflashed? thank you for your help.