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I need to know if a transmission out my 2013 will fit in my 2004
I have pulled out the blend door Actuator. It cycles when the vehicle is turned on, so there is power to it. The temperature slide does not move it when it is changed from cold to hot and vice versa. The temperature slide for the driver side works correctly. Is it the control head temperature control for the passenger side? Is there a fix?
Normal driving transmission temperature goes over 200 degrees
Only happens when I have the wheels turned to the right. Does not ever happen in 4x2. I can only back up about 20 ft or so and then you can feel it starting to slow down quickly, then it stops. I can back up all the way down the block if I don't turn the wheels to the right.
I took blend door actuator out of my truck . Will it hurt anything to leave it out. I've got a/c blowing now and that's all I need.
My ignition key doesn't work for opening the doors, I'm restricted to using my key fob to unlock my doors right now and I'm trying to prepare for future lockouts.
Repl cw4 clutch and pressure plate also replaced clutch safety switch and it won't turn over
When you turn the key the pump makes no noise and it doesn't get any fuel
While driving truck stalls seems like it's not getting gas
The radio is out of our 2005 Chevy 2500 HD Silverado pickup. The tag on the radio says Delphi Delco Electronics Systems. Delphi part # 28025947. s/n 3050. GM part # 15295372. Shift:4. Mfg 3/4/05. Prod ID 2001.
The cd player quit working.
My 2001 chevy Silverado 2500hd stalls when im in revers with my foot on the break, also when im stopped at stop signs and red lights while holding my foot on the break. The rmps drop and it dies, unless I catch it and throw it into park then the rpms go back to normal. Seems to only happen when I have to hold the break. Has anybody else had this problem? I've tried everything.
Was driving truck with no issues, stopped at a stop sign and went to take off and it didn't want to move for a second and then took off, slowed down to make a turn and pushed on the gas and had nothing till it hit about 3000 rpm then started moving again. Ran fine in the slow speed zone and climbed the hills fine, started down the hill for a stop light and it started downshifting. Had to hit 3000 rpm to leave the light and only had one gear, maybe third. All this was in a four mile drive. Got home shut it off, went back out later and tried to move it and now have nothing, do have check engine light on now.
I've heard the 2005 frames break somewhere close to steering gear
changed radiator, but transmission line came out and blew fluid everywhere. now truck wont crank. power is going to starter but not turning over.
Every morning it has a hard time starting up, now it won’t start at all, just turns over continues
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