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My truck won't run if the map sensor is plugged in but if I unplug it it runs prefect. If i plug it in when it's running it will go dead like it runs out of gas And won't start back until I unplug it. No check engine lights. Also I noticed the oil pressure gauge started going out around the same time

sometimes when I start it up it idles rough and if given gas it acts as if it is getting way to much fuel or not enough, and continues to happen when I put it in gear; then engine light starts to blink, and can smell gas. It stops, but I am concerned and want to fix it. I like to work on my own stuff. please respond.

I am concerned with getting better gas mileage and doinf light work with my truck

I would like to have scheduled maintenance done with my truck on a regular basis.

This happens almost every time I use my brakes.


I jumped the low pressure switch and compressor runs fine so I replaced switch yesterday. Today same bullshit are these switch known to fail a lot?

The gear catches, but when I accelerate backwards there is a grinding sound an no motion, is it a solenoid problem or is it something entirely different?

Having a little difficulty putting into park. Once I can get it in park, the key does not want to come out. If I leave it in, it is not completely turned off and it drains the battery. Acts like it is not recognizing that it is in park. Not sure what the root problem is???

keep adding power steering fluid when gets empty or when makes sound when turning and or driving.
makes noise when driving

4x4 6.0L not HD

4x4 6.0L (NOT AN HD MODEL)

Switched selector on transfer case and acactuator on front axle. Took for drive and it still don't work. Any suggestions?

I have been searching online and can not figure out the correct injectors as there are different LB. Options such and 24.lbs 28.lbs and 60lbs and so on. Please help me figure this out

the radio time display function is the only thing that pops up and the cd will load/unload otherwise that's all I can get the radio to do. with the factory radio and after market cd player. what would cause this

Does anyone know why the four wheel drive light won't light up I replaced module nothing I replaced transfer case actuater and still nothing.

Does anyone know why the four wheel drive light won't light up I replaced module nothing I replaced transfer case actuater and still nothing.

6.0 manual five speed. Only after the truck has warmed up, it will cut out while at lower rpm's. Idles fine and runs great when higher. Mainly notice when climbing hills etc but will do it at any point when they are low and you go to accelerate. Occasionally there will be a backfire following this. Possible that the catalytic converter has been removed when dual exhaust was installed. Bought this thing recently so if this started after I would not know.

My mechanic feels since the power steering pump is only a year old, it is probably the steering/brake assist unit. I assume that is the hydro boost I have seen in searching. Does this seem to be a reasonable guess? It is not leaking and the belt/tensioner/ pump pulley all seem to be fine. Any tips on swap out and bleeding if I do replace it?

I replaced the fuel level sensor and it appeared to fix the issue at fist. Now I run out of gas when the gauge reads half a tank. I know GM had issues with there gauge clusters but not really sure where to start now ? Any ideas ?

snow plowing then four wheel drive light started flashing

there is no power door locks or windows installed

My dealership mechanic replaced the throttle body and switch.
Currently the engine reduces power to about 40 mph lasts about a day then engine light and problem goes away, but then comes back every 2 or 3 days. How do i fix this problem for good. Throttlebody not dirty, no floor mat issues. Thx

i can only get cold air???? it will blow out of defrost but it is only cold same in dash vents. i replaced control panel but still only get heat on passenger floor.please help winter is coming