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Passeger window and back
ac blows cold on drivers side hot on passenger side
cut unit off for 3 or 4 minutes and ac blows cold again. New acutuator door, compressor ok, blower never stops running. Just blows hot air
on June 10,2011 our truck was in a neighbor hood going about 10 t0 15 miles per hr. when he swerved to miss a cat. at that point the front left wheel broke off and made us hit another car... any recalls or any one else having this problem?
I want to say it want to start but not. Battery good, fuel pump and filter. What could be the problem
I was driving and the truck quit running
Changed iss/oss sensor shafted great for couple days went back to sharfting bad
Idling rough hesitating when accelerating from a dead stop
I have recently put in a new sending unit and ran all new fuel lines on my 2004 Chevy Silverado. After getting everything hooked back up I went to put gas into it in the gas came back up out of the filler neck I tried using I can and also filling up at the gas station and it still did the same thing. So what could cause it to fill up with air and not breathe. The hose on the filler neck is not obstructed or twisted, the vent line is not collapsed clogged or cracked. The vent line is also ran as high as I could run it so it is not hanging down or anything. Could it have something to do with evap? Been chasing so many problems with this truck and it's pretty overwhelming need some input from somebody else.
The truck won't go into togear and move it,four wheel drive
When i start my truck the transfer case control lights will all light up then go out and not work? It has power to the switch but my 4wd doesn't work
After it sits for hours hard to get started again. But will start the rest of the day no problem.
Car doesn't even crank over.Checked fuses in fuse box and they are all good.
Today I was driving in my truck and it stalled out as I was driving two separate times. I shut the truck completely off turned it back on and it was good. It's stalled out a third time and I had to give it gas for it to actually kick back on. Then the fourth time and now all it does is turn over I can hear the fuel pump turning on when I turn on my accessory.. help
It was fine then one day starting having trouble shifting into 2nd gear. It will shift but only at high rpms. Now the rest of the gears are shifting at high rpms. What are my options? There's no check engine light or anything.
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