Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Questions

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Turn signal blink very fast
where is the oil pressure sensor located on the engine
tried balancing/rotating tires.
bought 2 replacement wheels with no improvement.
when you shut it off to go to the store say30 min it wont come back till it sets overnight
Injector failure code . 1,3,5 lean 2,4,6 rich.
After the truck runs long enough to get warmed up and I turn it off, it will not start back until it cools down for about 20 min... The motor will not even turn over. I know it's electrical issues but I can't pin point it ya know.. My battery is brand new and the alternator is good. But when I turn the key to the on position , everything comes on as it should, but when I go to crank it.. then everything goes dead until I let off the key from cranking it..
The passock ll anti theft system
Key and try it again and it starts right up any ideas what it could b
Ok, have a 2000 silverado with the 4l60e. I have reverse, but I go to shift it into D, it seems to be in 2nd. Sluggish acceleration. I can shift it down to 1st, it'll drive in 1st, shift into 2nd and that's it. Check engine light comes on, had the codes checked at AutoZone. Came up with 13 codes. But I'm figuring one thing is causing a the rest to fault. Fluid is goid, not burnt. Any ideas?
The seat belt is integral to the seat.
I changed the high/low switch. Hook up a manifold gauge low moves from 10 to 70, high moves from 140 to 70 as the compressor cycles. When I equalize the gauges it shows 70. What could be the problem?
does it need freon or is there something big time wrong.
camshaft or lifters
Passeger window and back
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