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My truck turns on fine but once I run it around town and I turn it off. Well when i try and start it up it would not start it is hesitant. It will not start up again until hours later. They say it might be the knock sensors but then I heard if that was the case it would have no problem starting. I am clueless and I'm afraid because I'm a woman that they will take advantage, so I really need some advice.
wiper locks up when in use
its either empty or full never shows the correct amount

Many of the 'starting and non starting ' stories are exactly like our story. Have spent money on new fuel pump, new battery, diagnostic readings at a dealership with no help and no results. One guy said, I can't fix it if it ain't broke. Cranked every time he tried it after leaving it overnite. Runs great if you ever get it cranked and then may not do it again for a month. Hard to depend on and get where you need to go on time, like work. HELP!
Most of the time they are very low. Sometimes it works normal. Also seems to mess with the speakers on the drivers side. Help!
When I move the switch to make my seat move forward it now go backwards!
When I want to raise my seat, I move the switch in the raise position an it goes down. It just started doing this a at once. An it is only doing these actions at the drivers seat . Their is four controls. 1. Up 2. Down 3. Lower back 4.Kidney
Started doing that for no apparent reason.
Without turning on AC button The truck blows ice cold air when you activate defrost and the recirculation buttons by themselves? And after air-conditioning pump is engaged it will not cycle in and out continues to run compressor until you turn off control at dash all the controls work all the different positions modes work and when compressor turns on it will not cycle till deactivated
Truck blows cold air but compressor does not cycle and eventually Cold air slows down from vents almost like system is freezeing up because of compressor not cycling on and off . cause the blower motor continues to run but just will not produce any air until you turn AC off at dash and let blower flush all the frozen slush and then it starts to blow air again and then you can turn on air conditioner switch to get cold air what could it be ?
I noticed the problem when my friend pulled in the driveway. Its not there going down the tar road unless i hit a bump. With the truck parked I can rock the truck enough side to side pushing on the truck box to hear the clunk and its in the right rear wheel area.
After a while the airspeed from Vent slow and system seems to gel up or something like that. you have to turn off air conditioner and just run blower to restore velocity from vents so pretty much you manually have to kick compressor on and off from inside the cab. what is problem
04 Chevy 1500 4x4 I have 17x9 dropstar wheels on it but the truck has fender flairs. I want the wheels to stick out a little farther. Any suggestions such as wheel spacers? And how thick?
what would cause this to happen
It's a 2004 chev Silverado 4.6 engine
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