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Missing and throwing p0305 & p0200. Changed coil pack on #5 cylinder and did not help. Checked injector fuses and they are fine.
The outside right blinker light is staying on even with truck off and fuse pulled, the blinker light on dash is staying lit. Everything else on multi function switch works fine. Left blinker works fine, flashers will flash on left side but not right. It stays solid.
Also bled brakes but the service breaks message appears along with both ABS and Brakes idiot lights.
I still have cold a/c air for sure, but no blower motor.
I have change all actuators on front end. When i put it in 4wheel low it won't came out unless i remove the negative cable for 30 sec. Goes in and out of 4wheel hi with no problems. The only thing i haven't changed is the switch on the dash and the actuator motor on transfer case
sometimes while under the hood I hear a hisss sound after crankin it over sound like its at right hand side of throttel body
I have tried moving the steering wheel around while trying to put it in park as well as several other things and have had no luck. Drove it approximately 200 miles last night and then shut the truck off for five minutes. Re-started the vehicle five minutes later and then, out of nowhere, I have this problem. Possibly a problem in the linkage? thanks
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