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Pulled codes c0035 c0040 front abs sensors and code c0201 ebcm failure. Could this be the cause or has anyone had similar problems like this

Do i have to change my fuel pump to fix this?

Cargo light remains on and is causing battery issues. Is there a way to control the cargo light duration?

I would like to know what pid specs to look for when monitoring transmission while doing a driving test.

Jacked the rear end up tires move fine in 1st gear but will want to stop spinning in all other foward gears. Any advise. Thanks

My 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 extended cab V8 1/2 Ton 4WD with Floor Mounted 4wd shifter, will sometimes stick and not disengage from 4wd back to 2wd. Also makes noise.

Driving on the highway, the RPM's shot up and then I noticed the trans guage was higher than normal. Just had a new engine put in it and all fluids changed and checked.

I know what the part looks like & that it has to do with the gas tank. Cannot find where it is - hopefully I do not have to pull gas tank !
Thanks Tom Mc

runs just fine first thing that happened was the remote quit working and tire pressure light came on put air in tires light still on new bat in remote will not work.

is on with code p0785 shift speed solinoide

get a little water in oil loses about a quart between oil changes,and water does not flow through intake so how could this cause it?

my fuel gauge is jumping up and down when I shift transmission lever on steering column???? it may go pegged to empty,I shift to neutral and it goes pegged to full or anywhere in between????


The factory says to use Dexos oil; Why do we need to use this expensive oil?

every time I drive fast quickly. if I start off slow then give it the gas it may not struggle

2wheel drive

2004 chevy Silverado 1500 with manual shifting transfer case... front tires will not pull in four high but will in four low

This just started recently. When it is below zero, my truck will not move when I put it in reverse. After I let it warm up awhile it's fine, forward is ok.

my dealership said I should have no problem towing this camper. are they wrong?

next to the windshield washer bottle

While driving I hear a very loud clunking noise. It happens while driving straight and turning. Sound not heard in reverse. All the way back near back tires someone said I needed oil. Any idea what kind?

i have a 2000 checy silverado 2500 4x4, my air isnt working and i was told it might be that my a/c compresser is locked up, where do i find this on a diagram and how do i tell if it is locked up or not? Thanks

Waited 1/2 hour still nothing will not start with key or remote key but hàs power

2008 chev 1500 4x4 with 5.3L engine, 70k miles .. for about 1 second, a thug sound and the feel of something moved or shifted on normal takeoff. drivetrain and mounts look good and tight. No problem with auto transmission operation. stabilizer bars and shocks appear to be good but cant figure problem. Anyone herd of this before ?

Already checked the donuts there good and checked the muffler it OK what else could be the problom

checked fuses none blown

Turning on the map lights give amessage that the cargo light is on. No blown fuses!

Hi The lights on my drive switch had both 4 Hi and 2 hi on at the same time. now my truck won't switch to drive, reverse, park , nothing. I changed the switch but still can not get my truck driveable. Could you please help tell me what to check. Thank You

Replaced mass air flow and still won't run

I changed out pig tails still nothing what can I do

What is causing the cigar fuse to blow when I turn on OBD11 diagnostic tool ,(the OBD11 works fine on other vehicles)