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The a/c compressor does nothing. The clutch doesn't move,when I put the rear defrost on the clutch doesn't move. Should I replace compressor or just clutch?
sometimes it will run for few weeks no problem then it starts this no start bull shit keep showing the security icon on dash switch few relays around and will fire like it was running perfect and starts all over in a few weeks also seems to throw its fits when it rain bad
traffic. Turn it off for a min or two and it comes back on. Had it checked can't find a problem
Have no power and rpm gauge runs up. Going up hill the truck barely runs and stresses the engine. Had alert to replace air flow meter sensor but that didn't help so took new sensor back off. Any suggestions?
When I turn on the radio, it only shows one fifth of the display information. If I want to see the clock display, which is on the right side of the display, I have to wait a few minutes (not sure how many minutes it takes) for all of the radio info to be displayed.
what is wrong it's hard to start, their is no check engine light on and it takes three to four times before it starts. After you start it and cut it off it will start right back up. If you wait a few minutes it will be hard to start again what could this problem be?
So every now and then my 2002 Silverado will choose not to start the lights come on everything ready. I ternet nothing usually I can wait a few minutes like 10 minutes or so tried again and it will start or I'll try a different Chi and it will start just fine until today its been 2 days now and it has refused to start I've tried 4 different keys I tried everything the battery checked the starter relay it won't start I'm two days late to where I was supposed to be and I don't know what else to do other than curse and kick the wall with my heels.i have a new battery, connections are fine, fuel pump is a year old, dont have security system, starter relay i was told by a friend is fine. But check this out the key to my Oldsmobile Alero 2003, as well as a key a friend of mine has for a Chevy Impala all start my truck and open its doors. is that crazy or what? so something's up with the starter because it shouldn't be accepting other vehicles keys. P.s. ive tried all those keys, it still wont start. SuperMan i need you.....
OBDII returned code P0332, when I removed the bank two knock sensor it was corroded so badly that it looked like it had spent the last 10 years under the sea.... after replacing both knock sensors and the wire harnesses I cleared the code and all was good for about 50 or so miles. the check engine light came back on with the same code. I can clear the code but the light will come back on after only a few minutes of idling in the driveway. I have checked engine temp and it seems fine. the fuel system seems to functioning fine as well. I am at a total loss of what to do. I have called the Chevrolet dealer and they know of the problem but have not been able to give me any idea of how to fix it.
must i replace rear lamp and lamp assembly to repair a csratch on side panel?
I repace the fuel filter,still sputters and dies
To slip out of gear from 2nd, after stopped and parked and key removed from ignition?
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