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Had a new ignition switch put in and now it throws security code 1681 I believe. It won't start. I've tried unhooking the battery and all the little tricks with the key.
Sometimes the radio or the CD player volume is so low and cannot be adjusted while driving. They both work, but no volume from the speakers, front and rear.
two months later i am getting same code. How can I test them.
I can walk away for awhile 2hrs or so and it comes right on.
When the key is first turned, the motor cranks really well, then it just about kills before finally starting. Sometimes it doesn't start.
I've had it worked on at least two or three times and the problem is still there. If the mechanics from different shops can't get it fixed, is it something I have to learn to live with?
It turns over really well but almost kills before starting - if it starts at all.
I just installed dual catalytic converters on my truck. On the passenger-side, I could not get the flange that slides on the pipe to fully cover the gasket and meet the flange on the manifold, in order to completely conceal the gasket and ensure a tight seal around it. I want to know if that would cause the truck to not start? It cranks but wont turn over. Every once in a while it would start and shut right off. Other than the fuel pump, regulator, relay and other emmission-related issue possibilities, could that be the problem?
2011 chevy siverado 1500 the ac went out found a o-ring blew out on the high pressure line by the dryer, what causes this, changed it out and charged the system and wored good, next day ac low again, it held vacuum for a good 30 minutes and the ac was good and cold
It doesn't happen all the time but maybe 50-60% of the time.
Is there a way to tell if you have a 1 or 2 electrical connector on a Chevy Silverado 1500 fuel pump without taking off the bed to view it?
Do I buy the 1 or 2 electrical connector?
replaced front pads and rear pads plus rotors
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