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I can turn it over several times and it will start and die immediately. At this time everything works but power W/DL are not working. If iI let it sit in the on position, the locks cycle and then I can lock and unlock the truck and operate the windows. I can also start it then but once its started, the windows and locks quit working again for a while. It was fine all morning and most of the afternoon. I've checked fuses and diconnected the battery... Still same problem. HELP

my abs,traction control,trailer brake,brake lights are on scanned and got a c0111 code . anyone know how i can clear these the truck drives fine.

changed plugs,fuel filter, o2 sensors, air filter, cleaned MAF sensors, dist.cap rotor, plug wires, seafoam, techron, runs better when I unplug the MAF sensor, but it shifts hard when I do that. someone suggested the cats are restricted

No seemingly predictable rhyme or reason. My truck sat for a while due to dealing with electrical issues (towing package lights were out) but nothing else change. Fixed, filled the gas tank and started it up and it went crazy on the gauge--fluctuating between zero and 80 and not necessarily dependent on the idle speed or revving the motor. Oil level is good (admittedly it does burn some oil but almost negligible. Any suggestions where to start?

Switch does the same third time it will start.

If I replace the key ignition from plug in out will this fix the problem. It will start and run for two seconds and die.

Plastic piece very top of motor 2 grommets wear out need to replace.

All the warning lights are on. But truck operates fine. Had codes erased now showing a c 111 code. I think that was it. Any one know how I can fix this?

I need step by step instructions on how to replace an A/C Evaporator on a 2000 100 Extended Cab Chevrolet Silverado.

2001 Silverado 4.3 ticks bad upon start up or if started after cooling down. Once warmed up ticking goes away. How do I fix or find the problem

I'm having a problem starting my truck I changed my fuel pump because the initial issue was no fuel to engine and looked online for trouble shooting and found an article that stated no crank no start change crankshaft position sensor changed that camshaft position sensor is ok truck will crank but no start changed battery still no spark in spark plugs and still no start fuses ok jusy don't know what the problem is help

Service Engine light came on and the code was P0440, I think.

My father in law has a 2005 Silverado 1500. He had the typical ABS/BRAKE lights on and he took to the dealer. The dealer told him the ABS module needed replaced. I work at a Mercedes/Volvo dealer;therefore, I got him a new module for much less then retail. He took the truck back to the dealer to have the module installed and programmed. The truck was fine for a week and now the lights are back on, but now the ABS pump won't stop running and the dealer now says he needs a new pump; have you ever seen this before? The module controls the pump, if the module is brand new, why would the pump not stop; I have read many people claiming the fix for the pump not stopping is the module repair/replace.

The seller of this vehicle says it is a accuator, excuse spelling, is this true. When I first drove did not work at all, took it back, seller turned off truck, started again and it did work. Passenger side worked fine. Today I drove again, it did not cool wasnt hot but did not get cold, both sides. Forgot to try the shut off trick. What is estimated cost of this repair if that is indeed what the problem is.

Engine light came on, message said tighten fuel cap, I did that but light stayed on, bought new cap, engine light went off for 1 day & now back on.

has security system could there be problem with that when you run out of gas

When it first happened, I could only accelerate up to a/b 20 mph. I had it scanned and it read codes P1125,P2138. I replaced accelerator pedal and throttle position sensor. Cleared the codes and it drove fine for a day and it happened again. I checked the wires and fuses and could not find anything wrong. Autozone put their scanner and it pulled the P1125, P2138 codes once again..but also the codes C0035,C0040. These are wheel sensor codes,but my truck is stopping and braking just fine, no ABS lights or anything.. before I spend anymore money on a throttle body, could these codes correlate to my reduced engine power message? if so how? thanks

started out only going out when in one specific position. then i would have to hold the tilt button in the unlock position and slamming the wheel into the lowest position lights worked for about 2 blocks and won't come on at all now how do i fix this?