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The indicator light changes between D and 3.

Codes were erased so I can't retrieve them and light won't come back on.just got a ticket from chp on way to work.smog tech tells me to it needs to be driven more.but it's been 3 months

Truck will start but then dies security light stays on?

Truck will start but then it'll die shortly after start and security light will stay on.

Ive talked with my local mechanic and were both at wits end.simple job removed serpentine,replaced a.c. and serpentine belts.did take off the air hose thing prior to removing belt. Did remove splash guard before replacing ac belt.did replace air hose,did not replace splash guard yet ( shouldn't matter) started truck,it started.i stoped it and got my tools together( they were on the radiator) went to start it again and it wont start now.

He is providing all parts, fluids and a garage. I'm using my own tools, traveling about 20 miles (one way) to his house and doing all labor including paying a friend 100 dollars to help. What would a fair price be. Any thoughts? It's a 4x4 too.

the pump doesn't seem to be pushing enough air to open the check valve. Could there be a dirty filter inside the pump?

My chevy looks like it's snapping in half and I can't stand to look at it. Is there a way to shim the cab? What would be causeing it to sink that way?

what should normal oil pressure be when starting cold truck .just changed oil am running Castrol syntec oil

I need to get tailgate lever assy out so I can attach one of the rods

then have to put back n drive n it goes in gear n changes gears good accilurating put soon as let off gas it slips out of gear again can someone give me some advise on what it might be

Wont come our of low lock indicator lights either all stay on or all off but is in 2wheel drive every time I get in it

Would this be a problem in the instrument cluster or under the hood

It was running and then started acting like fuel pump or filter was going bad go dead set for a minute then crank back and may run a while then start missing and quit replaced filter pump good pressure but no spark to plugs so just turn over is it distributor or crank sensor

Air does not blow through dash vents

4x4 selector shows 2 wheel drive when switch to 4 wheel high light flashes on dash. when i put it in 4 wheel low it comes on and stays on but can go back to 2 wheel drive. the front drive shaft will not turn in 2 wheel drive

po449 code is on and have checked selonoid and it clicks when checked with a 12 volt battery? please help if possible

Axle is locked in 4HI

When I plugged in the computer and scanned it . It said random miss fire what do I need to do.

Crank position sensor code came up about a month ago. Replaced both cam and crank sensors. Ran great for a month then started having fuel pump related symptoms. Replaced fuel pump with AC Delco pump. Ran for 15 minutes then died and hasnt started since. Receiving knock sensor codes and crank position sensor codes. No spark. Any idea what could be going on or anything to check??

Bleed brakes

Bleed brakes

35 k miles...ran like a champ..then it dont do nothing when i turn key..lights come on dashboard lights up....turn key nothing happens...did use the unlock button on key chain to get inside ...turn key nothing

Going down the road at around 65 mph and 4 times in a row the truck completely lost power and kicked back on doors unlocked and locked radio kept powering off when I hit the brakes or turned on turn signal all lights on dash were on during the stallings engine even shut off but kicked back on and then after that the truck started shifting hard from 1st gear into 2nd.

All the rest of them work fine just the one. After i pulled the fuses the turn signal blinked at normal speed and after driving it a couple times they all flash at a high speed like one of them is out again but the one still never worked.hope you can give me some place to start looking for the problem. Thank you

air and heat is cut off before cutting off truck

After it sparked once i disconnected it. Got the new one in. But now it wont start. It will crankover easily, i can hear the fuel pump kick on. And i checked the fuses. No luck.. any advice?

No symptoms at all no codes or anything we just parked Sunday evening went out Monday morning to and it would not start. After reading several posts on this site we changed cam sensor, then crankshaft sensor (which was the issue by the way but my son did not seat it correctly) so still would not start so we moved down the line and tested the module and coil ended up buying new ones of those as well and still would not start. So I figured I would go backward and look at crankshaft sensor as the common issue on this site is corrected with that. So took it off and plugged it back in and it started right up but man does it run bad! Popping and chugging and we are now getting codes for misfire and crankshaft position sensor. The old one did not have any of the "washers" shims and looks like it was slightly worn but only on one side not like some of the photos and videos with a small chunk rubbed of so we only used one of the shims (there were two in the box) should we remove a shim or add another or take it back and get a new part?

I know the ac control panel will catch fire. My ex has had that happen,same truck except the controls were on steering wheel. I've got a toggle switch and wired it direct so I'd have some air/heat & defroster.

I cannot fully turn off the traction control and stabilitrac on my truck. I have push the button and then pushed it and held it till the dash says they are off but still they are engaged. Is this something i need to take it in for?