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Replaced watterpump thermostat blend air door and hose to heater core is hot going in and coming out heater still blowes cold air then sometimes blowes hot 05 Chevy hd 1500. 6.0. Any ideals what is wrong no leaks or noises
checked plugs and coils all ok. problems all started when it refused to turn over and start, tapped on starter and it fired up replaced starter and this is when i noticed the miss.
Replacing water pump on 2002 Silverado Z71 pickup with 5.3 engine and noted that new water pump bought a O'reilly's auto
parts store does not have a visible weep hole (Murray made in China water pump counter person does not know but says all new water pumps Murray CP5014 do not have weep holes?
Question is this a manufactures flaw?
low beam headlights will not work. found broken wire on wire bundle to turn signal, windshield wiper. repaired broken wire, now high beams will not work and truck will not start. replaced turn signal/windshield wiper/cruise control switch with wire bundle, still no lights and truck will not start.
Where the muffler was a catalytic converter is being welded on
I'm doing an oil change and need to know much oil to use when replacing the oil
Truck runs fine just no acceleration and reduce engine power coming on
the instrument panel the dash gages dont work
my instrument panel on the dash does not show up , could this be a fuse or relay under the hood
I lost the plug in back of it
the air bag sensor came on yesterday brother has the tester it gave code b0079 just need to know the location
works on 1,2,3,4 fine
Can it be replaced. Or do I have to buy a steering column
I have replaced the actuator and now have a shift motor for the transfer case. I can not get the transfer case into neutral to get the new shift motor on. I seen a video that said to plug in the new shift motor and push the button that it was stuck in. it still dose nothing I am lost at what to try next. any help would be appreciative.
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