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I have a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado four-wheel-drive I turn the turn signal zone and mashed breaks both of them blank in the rear I turn my headlights on turn turn signal I'll hit the brakes they stop anyone help me with this it has the correct bulbs and brake lights were taillights work blinkers work but when I mash the brakes with the lights off both blinker is blinking at the same time when I have the lights turned on our mashed my turn signal and they quit blinking when I mastered bricksissue
Exhaust and starter was damaged from hurricane harvey.

Brand new catalytic converters.
4 new O2 sensors.
New starter.

Ran great for 3 weeks.
Sat for 2 days then wouldn't start.

Fuel system good.
Getting good spark before distributor.
New rotor on distributor.

Still won't start.

changed the trans
died. tried to start and would start for about 2 seconds then die. Now will not start at all. Just cranks nd still nothing on the dash.
2003 will not shift to 2 or 3 gears
Ive changed everything out but the transfer case and the relay fuses, none of the indacator lights on the switch come on.
refrigerant covered in the event of a/c repair ??
this has happened 2 times before and shop plugged a divice in under my steering wheel and reset the Trans code. What was the dive called and how much are they?????????????
noise starts around 20 miles a hr and rotates wop wop wop faster as I do. turnto left it quits. both cv axles and hub bearing in drivers side replaced. sound directly under floor board as it sounds
my navigation system would go out when I was driving and after a while it would come back on, now is on a blank screen I checked the wiring on the back of the screen and the wiring on the back of the HMI and everything seems to be on place. I was told that it might be the battery or a fuse. some times the screen goes black and then it comes back on a blank screen. I touch the screen and I can hear the beeps when you press a number or a letter.
cooling fan does not come on until temperature gauge hits 240 degrees, or if I turn AC on it will cool the running temperature to 210/220 Have had radiator replaced and dealer says this is normal.
the speedometer at time says at a complete stop I am stilling going 30-40mph and then when I am driving it says I am going 100mph. Please help understand what is going on.
when turned off fuel drains back to tank. to start must leave key on for a whole to get fuel to engine.
How long have you had this problem? every time it sets for over an hour or so.
my 2004 z71

How long have you had this problem? since it has cooled off
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