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Happened a couple of weeks ago as I was traveling north on I-95. I accelerated rapidly to pass another vehicle and the oil pressure tanked. After passing and leveling out the speed, the oil pressure came back up to normal. Oil level is right on the money and changed about 1200 miles ago, along with a new filter. No noisey lifters or bearings. No leaks, just serious temporary oil pressure drop.
Runs sluggish when starting at first but if I stop and go in reverse it runs fine. Yesterday on the interstate I had to floor it to get it going to 50mph. First time it did that in all gears. Seems to worse when it's warmed up or hot.
can't locate it compared to my other older GMC pick ups.
My 98 suburban started not shifting from second to third or slipping back into first or second but now has stopped shifting completely.. I just replaced both shift cylanoid what else could it be?
It started out my smelling gas and then it started leaking took it to the shop and they told me the line going into the tank was rusted out so I had to get a fuel pump for it. That's bull I only have 21000 miles on my truck.
2003 chevy silverado 1500 4.8 V-8 LT no start no crank new battery new starter power to starter not solenoid
My drivers side floor board is hot making my foot uncomfortable. It appears after having to replace my radiator. Any idea what is causing this?
2006 Chevy truck core broke for the heater to connect the hose to, how can that be replace
sometimes(very rare) in forward or reverse when turning from stop i get a banging like skiping a tooth-then corrects when i get going.looks like excessive play in differential when i checked it.could i need pinion gear and other gears in rear end?
This problem occurs before I changed my oil then after changing after a few drives it read accurately. Took the truck on highway got a knock sensor error and the had gauge is back to acting up. When I start the truck it reads the current fuel level but after a minute into driving it slowly goes back down to e. I also have noticed a rattle in my gas pedal when accelerating it occurs around 30 mph
2005 Chevy Silverado.
Occasionally, the ac will blow hot air on driver side and still blow cold on passenger side. Also, the heater will not get hot, it just blows cold air. What could be the issue?
I have a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado four-wheel-drive I turn the turn signal zone and mashed breaks both of them blank in the rear I turn my headlights on turn turn signal I'll hit the brakes they stop anyone help me with this it has the correct bulbs and brake lights were taillights work blinkers work but when I mash the brakes with the lights off both blinker is blinking at the same time when I have the lights turned on our mashed my turn signal and they quit blinking when I mastered bricksissue
Exhaust and starter was damaged from hurricane harvey.

Brand new catalytic converters.
4 new O2 sensors.
New starter.

Ran great for 3 weeks.
Sat for 2 days then wouldn't start.

Fuel system good.
Getting good spark before distributor.
New rotor on distributor.

Still won't start.

changed the trans
died. tried to start and would start for about 2 seconds then die. Now will not start at all. Just cranks nd still nothing on the dash.
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