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I've replaced the distributor rotor and cap new fuel filter gets spark gets gas still will not start it turns over but will not start I've checked the spark and it's yellow but I know it's not the rotor button or cap because both are brand new any help would be greatly appreciated its a 4.3
i've changed the alternator and it still seems to be overcharging.
Or my PRND321. I put a cruise fuse back in it but the cruise still didn’t work then went back to my buds house and killed my truck and left it at his house then rode with a different friend to go somewhere then we came back and noticed my battery light was on and my PRND321 was light up but my headlights weren’t on and the key was all the way in the off position. 99 Chevy Silverado 1500 new body style
the problem I am having is when that happens the transmission starts to shift rough when you slow down. Can take it and have the diagnostic check done on it ,and the check engine light goes off and it works fine for a day or two and it starts over again. the mechanic said there is a recall it for that problem.
I have a 2002 Chevy Silverado extended cad 4.3 liter. The problems I am having is my cluster gauges go crazy after I drive it about 30 miles and I have replaced the cluster gauges and battery too. What do u think it is?
Replaced the battery
The service four wheel drive message is on the dash. Is it ok to drive in 2 wheel drive?
2003 Silverado 1500 had rear main seal replaced and ever since then there has been this noise coming from behind the dash that is a constant, almost metal on metal sound. The sound is loudest on drivers side and I can't hear it outside the car with the hood up. I thought it might be the heater core but it's not a gurgling sound, more of this low metal on metal or constant rushing air sound. It's been like this for almost a year and doesn't seem to change the performance of the truck at all. I believe they left the engine in for the replacement. When I picked it up the tranny fluid was almost empty and the car wouldn't shift out of 1st. I got halfway down the street and turned around. So who knows what they did. Thanks for any suggestions.
I touched a live wire to metal and blew out these functions.
Replaced sensor closest to the cab driver side with brand new nipindesor. Drove over 1500 miles computer still not reading but sensors are all working hooked up to a computer and it shows it gone through drive cycle what next
I bought truck used and don’t know much about if it worked before the door was replaced or not
Do you know of any chevy dealers that refurbished instrument cluster or any in syracuse ny
Can I just replace the boot or will I have to replace the rack and pinion also
While driving in automatic going from 1st to 2nd is ok, 2nd to 3rd doesn't always shift. If I let off the gas pedal it (sometimes) jerks into 3rd (lightly). Replaced fluid, filter, throttle body w/ throttle position sensor, speed sensor, also NO scan codes found. 250k miles tranny was rebuilt at 189k miles. Any ideas?? Or just dump it? Not sure if it's just in "limp mode" please help!!
Just noticed my truck leaning towards the passenger side in the back
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