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Using the said 5-20w oil half way through the oil change it gets low some times setting off the service engine light. I end up adding 1 or 2 qts. It only has 68,000. I switched to 10 30 wt and seems to last longer. Oil gauge shows good oil pressure but when I start it will clatter and knock for about a minute or so then quits
Terrible grinding and crunching only when in reverse and moving backwards. I replaced front wheel bearings a few weeks ago. This noise just started a couple days ago. I put truck in 4 low for the first time in a while a few days ago for about 5 min to pull a civic out of a patch of wet grass. I dont think this is relevant. I prob could have pulled her out in 2 wheel drive.I thought the grinding was coming from front drivers side wheel but I cant be certain and it may be my bias since I just worked on front wheels. I dont know how a hub would make this noise in reverse but not drive.
My front left tire broke off while driving 40 mph. I didn't hit a pot hole or anything. I have a 2 inch lift kit.
I have an 04 silverado, and I am stuck in 4wd. I have the push button option and the light is telling me im in 2wd but I know without a doubt that im still in 4HI. Every now and then my lights will move from 2HI to auto 4 and back to 2Hi while driving down the road, but now none of my buttons will work. I have pushed the 4HI 4LO 2HI and Auto 4 buttons but no lighting nor engaging takes place, put it in nuetreal and reverse ect.. it still says im in 2wd. I cant switch out of 2wd on my push button, but Im still driving in 4HI. I also have what sounds like a ticking noise coming from under my truck which leads me to believe it may be my transfer case. Another problem is I sometimes hear a grinding noise in my front end when it says im in auto 4... any thoughts?
I replaced the ignition module and the crankshaft sensor and the ignition coil. I get no spark in the ignition coil what can the problem be ?? On the gas pump relay i connect two legs on the relay and gus pump turns on but not when i turn the key on start position .could the computer be the problem?? The truck cranks good.Please help
every time i drive my 1996 chevrolet 1500 truck 5.7L i have to add antifreeze
to the radaitor i did a radaitor pressure check on it look like the leak was coming from the front of the lower intake manifold how can i make sure where the leak is coming from? the engine is not over heating.
I just noticed that my remote start stop working by either using the remote of OnStar app. When operating the remote, you click the lock butt twice then hit and hold the remote start button...the light flash as normal but to engagement with the engine.
Egr valve on 02 Chevy 1500 4.8 two wheel we're the f is it?
Say releran remote but i cannot get into active mode
Will not start all gauges are working show symbol of truck locked down
Would start after cranking for a few minutes for a month. Now it will not start for anything. Wasn't getting spark when inchecked. Replaced ignition coil, nothing, replaced cap and rotor, nothing, replaced crank positions sensor, nothing, replaced ICM, finally have spark. Still, will crank, won't start. Getting compression, gas pump running and smell gas when attempting to crank. Sprayed the throttle body with starting fluid on crank, nothing. Plugs and wires are in good shape. Timing tested on top dead cylinder one, in correct position. I'm lost. Any common issues with this motor or something stupid I'm missing? Thanks for any help!
What does it mean when light shows up on dash saying: transmission hot
I usually hear it in the morning when I start to work. It starts when I get up to about 40mph and lasts about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile. It sounds like it is coming from engine compartment. It will buzz for a couple seconds then stop for a few seconds then buzz again. It kinda sounds like something is trying to kick on. When I start home, it does it a few times then stops. It's a V6 with approximately 175000 miles.
I'm wanting to know if the blower motor from a 2013 will fit into an 07 Chevy Silverado 1500?
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