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manual transmission
4 cylinder
My truck sputters when I start it at times it will shift correctly but mostly doesn't run smooth, like it's having a hard time getting fuel. It will backfire between 40-50mph it has a strong gas smell when running and it wants to die out when in reverse while backing up.
Distributer rotor battery all good.
The whistling sound started around 3 days ago, and it's still persist now when I drive. The whistling seems to go away whenever I hit the breaks, but it comes right back after I release the breaks. Sometimes it goes away temporarily, but comes back. It's not a grinding sound. It's a steady whistling type of sound. Hope someone can tell me the problem.
Can not figure how to get the ignition switch out of a1994 S10 4.3 liter blazer.
Send me a diagram of the system so i will know what to change
I got my truck on oct. 1991 the gauges don't work when lights are turn but not all the time about six months ago I took it to the chevy dealer it cost $180.00 and they didn't no fix it.. Some of the dash lights don't work but that's ok I can live with that.
I need help to find out how to fix them!
turned key on and put my truck in 2nd, was taking out my driver side dash out and I left it like that. now truck wont start and wont shift out of 2nd
Scanner displayed PO442. I replaced rottedout vacuum lines but still have fault. Help
Engine idle to fast at stop signals what's to go without me stepping on the gas pedal
all the time i changed the massive air flow sensor and the 02 sensor this the codes that showed up but it didn't make any difference
I have fire, compression, firing order is correct, getting fuel to throttle body, however, after I try to start it and pull a spark plug out, "any of them", they are bone dry. Could it be a vacuum line hooked up wrong that would cause it from not getting fuel to the plugs? I also have a python 1400xp remote start on the vehicle, "I've never had an issue with the remote start before" could it be in theft mode and cause it not to start? the vehicle sat for four years up until two years ago. I replaced the fuel pump and battery and it fired right up.
It wants to start but then die,fuel pump is shutting off
It won't fire , get gas n the oil pan, just wondering why and what I need to do it a 93 gmc somona 4.3, even time I try to start it!
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