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i have a problem with my s10 its a 1992 4x4 s10 wth a 4.3 i just got the truck i have noticed when it gets over 55 mph it whines and it whines louder as it decelerates once it goes back down in speed it pops and stops whineing at all whats the problem
sputters and backfires now and then
When you turn it over nothing but when you let off the starter it'll pop a few times maybe try to fire once then nothing it goes that way until it finally starts or the battery goes dead
Runs fine most of the time but sometimes it starts to miss and clears up or dies. but it seems to restarts every time
When you put gas in the carborter it starts or it almost when i do it to my truck nothing could it not have any spart
It turn off then i tryed to start it and nothing not even when i put gas in the caborter nothing how can i fix it
It will sit on empty and when I move around in the truck it will jump to full and vise versa
no bolts to remove line from slave cylinder and no bolts to remove slave cylinder from transmission housing.
My truck will not idle down. It has a 4.3 v6 engine
Located near the center of the dash.
Occurred after removing dash. I installed a home made switch which worked. I suspect other problems.
does the power steering unit get hot and burn the hoses on the drivers side
1993 4.3 on acceleration occasionally has no power and spits back thru throttle body
v/6 4.3 engine
they will need to be replaced
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