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When I start my S-10 it starts like it is suppose to but when trying to move on it has power and then it doesn't. It will not stall but continues to run. Just driving it it comes and goes on power. I have bought a scanner but now the battery has went bad, and I mean the charger I put it on says it's bad. I had a friend put his Snap On scanner on it but didn't find a code. Said water may be in the gas, but after putting a can of additive called "HEET" still has the problem. Just can't figure it out. I intend to buy a new battery for it since it reads "BAD" on the charger. Ant suggestions will greatly appreciated. Danny
No air leaks found won't get above 60 mph ,bogs down horribly during acceleration, idles as it should, clicking noise occurs during 3000 rpm
Any suggestions ????
When it warms up it drives perfect. Service engine light is on
I had a smoke test done, they found evap canister, purge valve and O2 sensor problems, had repaired, but light back on @ 130 mi. I reset codes, another 130 mi. back on, any ideas?
I have change out the entire system, master cycl, slave cyl.,and pressure hose. I tried to bench bleed the entire system. cup, hose, master, pressure line, slave. I got a lot of bubbles out of it, when I was bleeding out the sty, the slave cyl rod was compressed with a plastic strap. After I installed it back in the truck, It had a firm peddel and it brock that strap when I depressed the peddle, but still would not go into gear with the engine running.
1991 chevorlette s10 new fuel pump and relay but no power to fuel pump
I have a question, I have 2000 s-10 base model 4.3 W code, I have replaced plugs, wires, cap rotor crank sensor cam sensor and checked fuel pressure and drop. My issue is if engine starts it may or may not run perfect for awhile, About 155 degrees on CTS, via my Actron scanner ( the better one ) then it idles really bad spark knocks and timing is non advancing it remains at 0 degrees which cannot be correct. Can you tell me how the ignition module correlates with the crank and cam sensor I have a P0341. Funny thing is it does not cut a misfire code ever and this is definitely not firing correctly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated for sure. I have checked timing per your videos. Non drivable at this time :(

PS when it goes into this fit which is always the Ignition Control Module will get hot enough to burn you. I know they run pretty hot but I doubt it should run that hot? This came on out of the blue truck just died on me, Had to be towed home.
ive replaced the bulbs,fuse,and brake plug. I have tail lights but no brake light
Trying to determine if this is an intake manifold issue or head gasket issue. The oil in the oil pan is fine with no coolant contamination but the the radiator has coolant in it.
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