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OK I changed the sensor cause the sendor was worn inside. Replaced sensor ran for a day then p0122 came back. Checked sensor and was stripped/worn again. Now what?
ABS BRAKE Light and parking brake come on at different times during a day while truck is in motion. Usually goes off after engine is shut off and turned back on , that is for a while.
i lose a gallon a day off anti- freeze mixing with oil
I understand that if not caught "soon enough", the CV joint lubrication could be washed off and/or leak away through a torn boot and grime can get into the joint, which have a combined effect of wearing out the CV joint and requiring a more costly repair. However, it's unclear from online advice how soon "soon enough" is (in terms of miles driven, conditions driven under, or actual time elapsed after the boot tears).
When I crank engine...I noticed if the running lights turn off truck won't start...if they stay on it will fire up and stay running.....but only after I heat the cab up....I'm stumped!!!
Also a strange noise that seem to come from behind my radio has just started and is intermittent and inconsistent. Sounds like a fan hitting something but happens when nothing is on.
Called around no one seems to have them. What can i do or use?
Died on freeway like out of gas(had 3/4) no fuel pressure. Changed relay and pump, seemed logical-- no current to fuel pump, checked codes NO CODES no power to either side of the relay when turned on on or starting mode. What could be the problem.
When I turn the key it clicks once and all of the dash lights blank out but it wont roll over. It acts like the battery is dead but after continually trying it usually fires. I have tries wiggling battery wires and cable and wires going to starter. After it starts once it starts fine for the rest of the day until it sits long enough to get cold again. I'm wondering about starter or starter solenoid or coil??
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