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i CHANGED THE MASTER CYLINDER and went to start the truck up and it did nothing. the lights and everything are on but it wont do anything else. its got a good battery

my timing chain tensioner broke and it jumped time need to know how to set timing?

heater control on dash will not adjust to cold always blows hot flapper door for defrost and floor works, have replaced vacum lines at the vac ball under the hood on drivers side can anyone help thanks

I just ordered and replaced my A/C blower on my 2000 Chevy S10 LS 3 door extended cab pickup. On the control panel on the dash it gives me number 1-2-3-4 for blower speed. On my old motor that I replaced at least made noise on all 4 speeds. The new one i installed now only work on 3 and 4. Everywhere I look it either tells me that they come only with 1 speed or something else but I KNOW it has 4 speeds because the numbers are on my dash for me to select the speed of the blower. Everywhere I looked to buy the motor never asked the question about speeds for the blower nor does it say in the specifications. I would like someone if they know the answer why, I would sure appreciate it very much. I purchased the new motor online from Rock Auto parts but every option for the vehicle I described fully 2000 S10 LS 3dr extended cab, again any information as to why I now only have speeds 3 and 4 would be greatly appreciated

1999 Chevrolet S-10, 4-cylinder 2.2-liter, rear wheel drive, manual transmission.

Pick-up running rough, loss of power, service engine light comes on, I drive to a well known national service center to get code read, they say code is P0300B which means misfire on cylinders #1 & #4, they bring out the coil packs they both have cracks, I tell them to replace both of them. I pay and leave for 32 mile drive home, life is great everything seems fine.

Wake up the next morning it’s doing the same thing. Drive 32 miles back to national service center, same code P0300B, the say they think it maybe a weak valve spring, burnt valve, or a bad exhaust valve, they say they can’t do that work their, tell me not to drive when service engine light is on, they say unburnt fuel drive can damage catalytic converter home 32 miles park pick-up.

have put on everything new that it calls for still dosn't fix it

Can you provide estimated cost to replace passenger side
(front) spindle (2WD)

David statham

Need to replace spindle.
Can you advise expected cost (range)?

changed plugs,wires,& coil still running bad and its knockin a little but it will rpm up but when i put in gear it dont react the way it should wont go over 20mpr anyone any idea?

changed coil runninr alittle better but dandd answered a question for me to check ekg fuel pres. and injection sys. but on one soulution he sayed runs rough at idle but clears up after 30 mph it wont roll over about 10mph any ideas?

ridin down the road at 55 then it just let go no smoke or anythng it will start but runs really rough changed plugs no change have good oil presure no water in oil anyone have any idea what i need to do or change a part plz help me

It all started when my starter went out. After replacing and putting proper shims, i shut down and restarted the truck about 6 times and then when i was just about to shut it off and take it off the jack, it just died. The truck hasn't started since. It fired when i poured a small amout of gas in. And my "mechanically inclined" buddies told me it must be injector or the filter, i replaced both, and now i found out i need to bleed the lines after replacing injector but i cant find one!?! 4 Cyl(e)<-8th VIN # SIngle Injection engine. Can anyone please help me out this is my only vehicle =(

whenever it is wet outside


fuel pump replaced and still unable to operate truck

The ABS light is on as is the I/p light and the ABS and the ABS pump runs continuosly. Where do I start to find a solution. Thanks Don

odometer & gear selection dash lights blink on/off,when first start lights stay on (truck moving)after 45sec. lights start to blink (rapidly)then go out. a moment later start comes back on then start blinking again. this happens when uint is traveling or parked. any suggestions?

I am trying to replace the serpintine belt on 1990 S-10. I can't get the tension release to break loose. Is there another way to do this

All lights in back work including the tail lights, reverse, and signal lights. Can not seem to get the brake lights to work. The fuse continues to blow without even starting the truck. I will replace the fuse and as soon as i barely turn the key you can hear it pop and blow... How can this be fixed?

I need an estimate of how much an alternator will run and the time it takes to install.

i put new heater core ,new radiator,new water pump ,new thermostat,and a new fan clutch on and still im looking at temperatures ranging from 205 degress too 215 degress what do i do?

wheni open my door the light deosnt come on, how do i diagnose this or fix it

Recent new fuel pump. Told tank more than 3/4 full. Gas gauge does not work. Engine died. No gas? Put in 1 gallon. Started after half dozen tries. Went across street and tried to fill up. Could only put in 3.21 gallons. Fuel pump problem?


I have a 2002 S=10 with a 2.2 liter engine.Last year ,the a/c went out and I am replacing the compressor,receiver dryer and orfice tube.How much oil and freon should I add to do the job?

1991 chev. s10, 2.8l, manual transmission.electrical connector on the transmission. no problem, want to know what it's for. thanks

how do you disconnect slave cylinder from tranny ?

one differential bearing went out replaced bearings and wheel bearings. sounds fine when accelerating but when i let up on gas pedal and coasting there is a growling, rubbing sound. can anyone tell me what might be causing this?

Just installed new a/c compressor. The compressor runs great and pressures are at right levels. When the low side pressure reaches 21 to 23 psi, the compressor should cycle off to prevent freezing, but it doesn't. The evaporator freezes up blocking air flow. The problem is we can't find the switch, relay, thermostat to control the A/C's cycling sequence. Where is and what controls the cycling sequence for the A/C compressor. We have found on switch/relay with three wires on the high side below the accumulator.

Truck has had trouble starting not catching. after several seconds of engine turning over and pumping the accelerator, there was no fuel smell, first checks would be the relay or filter but I don't know where they are. it is an S10 crew cab