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I disconnected fuel pump at harness at the pump but the ecm b fuse still blows out
occurs all the when you turn wipers off
if I run to the store and turn it off it cranks right back if I ride around for thirty minutes cut it off and try to crank it turns but barely
already changed battery

I would like to know where is my coolant temperature where is located in my truck
where is the part goes the code is p0118
While I am driving, going 70 mph, if I step on the gas, my rpm needle will chatter above 3000 rpm. If I increase the speed slowly, that doesn't happen. Only if I step on the gas harder.
Battery Lite is inttermitent. Diag Code P1637 Generator L Term Ckt
Good fuel pressure but still wont start any ideas what it could be
I can't figure it out and need the truck to get to school
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