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I put new distributer new temp senser new plug wires. But my fuel presser is 53 and after it worms up it jumps back and forth 53-48 like it jump fast back and forth fast but you speed up it stop jumping and stays at 53 could it be fuel pump or injection problem the truck has 184560 miles on it
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Worse when it worms up
How long have you had this problem? 2 month's
I took this thing twice to a shop and they never have fixed it right. When you signal left the top brake light on the cab blinks with the signal. Also the front only blinks that light under the main headlight. Also when you signal left and put on the brake it just completely stops blinking until you take your foot off the brake. Same thing happens when you put the hazards on the just stop when you put your foot on the brake. But the right signal works fine foot on or off the brake. I don't know what to with it the guys at the shop I go to apparently don't know what they're doing. So any help is worth taking.
Makes no noises, but burns more fuel than normal, doing this
1995 Chevy S10 will not go over 40mph and burns more than normal fuel. Changed spark plugs and still did the same.
Not sure what's going on but my s10 won't start sometimes but sometimes it will!! I might go out in the morning and it will fire right off but if I let it sit at work all day and go to start it all the dash lights come on and when I turn the key nothing happens not even a started click but if I turn the key a dozen or more time sometime it will work and it will start!! Thought it was the clutch switch but I bypassed that and like I said sometime is wil start and sometimes it won't if it sits battery is brand new.. open for answers thanks
It sounds like its gonna blow up but after it warms up its not as loud
My 4.3 97 is making a terrible noise and is using alot more gas and i have a black liquid coming out my exhaust
Leaks when engine is running
new starter battery alt new battery cables. truck will start an run volt meter go to zero an truck dies wont start acts like battery is dead
No acelleration + noise in gear "2", ATF drained out 2 days later after sitting. Was on a 100 mile drive& 10 miles from home, I lost power in 2nd gear &wasn't able to accelerate. limped it home, parked it, & 3 days later, the transmission completely leaked out/drained onto my driveway .
no start when hot , clicks , lights but no power to starter good ignition, then starts after a few minutes, but key is not pass lock, and lately I use rmote key running to get out and get in,, click unlock after a few mins will not open with remote have to use key thinkng the security light issues will not open door at idle
a light oil sprays out about every 10min.
under great pressure
what is it code PO105
Why is my alnater heating up wen my car is off
In first gear when you give it fuel and or are turning left or right a chirping or ticking sound comes from the front end
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