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Scanner displayed PO442. I replaced rottedout vacuum lines but still have fault. Help

Engine idle to fast at stop signals what's to go without me stepping on the gas pedal

all the time i changed the massive air flow sensor and the 02 sensor this the codes that showed up but it didn't make any difference

I have fire, compression, firing order is correct, getting fuel to throttle body, however, after I try to start it and pull a spark plug out, "any of them", they are bone dry. Could it be a vacuum line hooked up wrong that would cause it from not getting fuel to the plugs? I also have a python 1400xp remote start on the vehicle, "I've never had an issue with the remote start before" could it be in theft mode and cause it not to start? the vehicle sat for four years up until two years ago. I replaced the fuel pump and battery and it fired right up.

It wants to start but then die,fuel pump is shutting off

It won't fire , get gas n the oil pan, just wondering why and what I need to do it a 93 gmc somona 4.3, even time I try to start it!

this is the last year of the boxy style the blower runs and when i shut off the car it stops then it just turns on by itself sometimes

My truck will try to stall if i give the gas just a little throttle if i go full throttle it responds nice but it sounds like it gots the hiccups what could be the issue

Vin number 1GCDT13x23K137764

Going in for smog check

the panel lights just fine but every gauges is not working

Have no electrical issues with truck.all lights work except tag lights.any suggestions ?

the locking was initially resolved by backing up a few feet, then it locked up for good after that. Please help me to identify: 1) the suggested problem, & 2) what/where to begin repair?
Thank you!

It almost feels like there is a restrictor plate in it. I was driving down the highway about 60 the check engine light came on and the truck acted as if it lost power. I can accelerate from 0-45 just fine, but getting speed above that is tough

I can start truck runs fine drive for a few minutes.shut it off then when I try to restart it .All I get is dash lights buzzer but that's it like it's not getting power to starter connections are tight ,no curossion. Won't even turn over??

I changed spark plugs map sensor fuel filter changing ignition coil today any suggestions will help

My gauge says that ive burned half a tank of gas, however i set my trip after fueling up and ive only put 90 miles on the truck. it runs fine, no lights and no other drivetrain issues. runs to good to be getting 5mpg and its not leaking from anywhere

Once transmission or clutch heats up it gets hard to shift in all gears. As long as it is cooled off it shifts fine, but it heats up only after 20-30 miles.

How do i get to the whole clutch peddle ?it broke in two places so the peddle is loose going side to side and all the way to the floor

i need an estimate

foot petal sticking


What iam I doing wrong

No 3rd gear shift

I need to know how to bleed my clutch

We put in a new master cylinder and slave cylinder and just can not get the line to bleed out please help

This happened once before when raining then worked again. This time wet and dry weather have never started working again for a couple months now.

After warms up replaced fuel filter pump is kicking on I did find a spark plug wire cut into just replaced one wire tho please if I can help me figure out my truck thank u please it threw one code an thst was a switch on top gas tank have a parts truck so got it changed no codes at all now but still doing it idk

Drives good on 1st and 2nd

My parking brake will not ratchet down and lock brakes