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how do you remove the torsion bar from a 1991 chevy s 10 blazer 4x4

how do i get to thebolt on the oil lines at the bottom of the engine

i would like to get the torque and sequence for a chevy 1991 262 V6 do the gaskets need rtv or not

My gears are hung up and will not change. I cannot get out of 2nd gear. How do I change the tranny filter?

This is a 1995 model with the 4.3 v6, trying to start the vehicle it sounded like the battery was bad just a slow sluggish sound, replaced battery, replaced wiring from battery to starter, replaced starter. Still same problem, it turns over just as if the battery were bad, but it does eventually start. I even thought it might be the timing, I hooked up my timing light, but I've yet to find any timing marks on th harmonic balancer or any kind of markings on the block to align anything up with if I were to find anything on the harmonic balancer. Help!!

It seems to run its best first thing in the morning. My oil smells like gas. It hesitates real bad after I stop & go. Only goes 20 mph uphill. I have to lift my foot off pedal just so it can go into the next gear. I have changed the spark plugs, wires, rotor, clean out cat. convertor, replaced vacuum lines. I dont know where to go from here. Hope someone can help.

Recently fixed a water leak problem, changed intake gasket,spark plugs,distributer cap, rotor button,plug wires and plenum gasket. Question is why is the truck surging now? It seems to want to take off on its own at times. And RPM meter is jumping just a tad. It didnt do this before what could it be?

What does it mean when I experience a slight but sudden "shift" in my S10 front end followed by a loud "clunk"?

im fed-up! put $1000 in new parts! runs great! but just wont start until the control module lite on my dash flashes. thats when it will start! I need some help or adviser!!! PLEASE!!!

i just recently got my blazer put back together and well half way running again. lol anyways I had the fuel pump, sending unit and strainer replaced but not the fuel filter. I wouldn't need to ask, but my manual doesn't specify the fuel filter location or replacement steps! Any suggestion?

I have a 1989 S-10 Blazer. I'm trying to hook up my radio but I'm not getting anything . There was a radio in there once b-4 working. When I tried to put a CD player in there it's not working. I have 2 CD players i attempted to put in and I get nothing.. What am I doing wrong?

how easy is it to fix a front an rear seal leaking bad an what would b a good price should i expect from a shop

My Blazer has been sitting for about 10 months and has been started a few times within those months.. It now runs very rough.. when first started, it idles very hard up and down, up and down. Then when I go to drive it, it acts as though the gas is being cut off from it and jerks very violently.. I'm not sure if anyone else has had the same issues. It is a 4 door 5 speed 4x2. It may be the egr valve, I'm not sure.. the fuel filter was change 2 years ago. please help.

my driver's door power window goes down an inch or two and then stops. will not go any farther and it doesn't seem to try to go any farther (like i cant hear the motor on). but when i press the button for the window to go up it still goes up like normal. i've had the inside of the door apart and can't seem to find the problem. any help is greatly appreciated

With my 89 S10 4x4 Blazer I am having trouble with my A/C. The compressor clutch stopped ingaging I check the freon (good. The system was total replaced two summers ago, I gave check the wiring and connection all good

I have a 1989 Chevrolet s10 4x4 blazer, it has a 4.3 TBI engine and 700 r 4 tranny. A couple weeks ago I was driving and went to use the right turn signal and the gas guage started to malfunction and aint accurate. The turn signals, tail lights, works, I have no brake lights or 4 way flashers that work as well as gas guage....

my 1994 s-10 blazer missing out runs rough, bogges down when driving,missing , could it be my cat.vert smells like my brakes help

my 1994 chevy s-10 runs roughr, missing out when driving eats gas ,bogges down , please help

my answer the pice is the oil pump i think it is right next to the oil pan an two tubes coming out of it going up to the oil filter on the fender wall it is leaking from the two tubs coming from the pump next to the pan what can i do to fix it or how hard is it to change it my self i never done it before

i have an oil leak it looks like the oil pan gasket but the oil is driping from a silver round pice on the right side of the pan what is that pice it has two tubes going out of it

I can't seem to figure this out my car started bogging up hills wouldnt go more then 20 mph so i check it all out and it said egr valve was out i replace it it solve the problem for 1 week then went back to the same problem so i replace the egr again but it didnt fix it again im stuck and cant figure this out i clean it out and stuff just to clean it out now it works partily and go up hills if i step light on the pedal but if i press hard on the pedal it gets stuck or just starts clicking and slowlys losses speed enay help its cursed

my heater and ac blows from all vents at once and not very well the fan blows you can hear that

I was having problems with the engine running after it reached operating temparture. It would idle roughly. When I took off valve covers the rocker arms and push rods were covered with carbon. The push rods were covered with a good coating of carbon. When I replaced the push rods and rocker arms I got very little oil coming out of the push rods. The lifters are the roller type. I rebuilt them one at a time. I took them apart and clean them and made sure they were free of dirt. I put them back were they were came from. I had the engine in time and adjusted the rocker arms according to the firing order. 1 6 5 4 3 2. I made sure both valves were closed and adjusted the rocker arms by holding the push rods and checking for play. After the up and down play was gone I gave the adjusting nut another full turn. It doesn't seem there is enough oil coming from the push rods. It seems to be smoking a little as the valve springs are over heating. The oil pressure at the sending unit is 50 PSI. That is from the main oil tap on the drivers side near the distrubitor.

Can you remove the EGR valve and the truck still run good

I hooked up a new radio and it was working fine anthen my power to the radio just stoped working. i checked all the fuse and they were good so i had to run a power supply off radio fuse to radio. what do i need to check?

My blazer runs good for a bit but then its like the engine revs up and down slightly and seems like its going to cut off and it does some time. I checked the codes and it says egr and o2 is rich. I have replaced the spider injector so that should be ok. The ? is? Could she be running ruff till the egr messes up and gets stuck open and is that why the o2 says it rich and makes it run funny? If i replace the egr would it stop the o2 from saying its rich also?

can i take out a transmission from a 1988 cheavy blazer and put it into a 1993 cheavy blazer (transmission exchange)

idles normal, slow @ take off then when it hits 2nd gear it is normal

how do we get this from sticking. it usually only does this when we change elevation.

Please if you can
Do you have and will you share the radio code for my 1994 Chev S10 Blazer 4 door 4 wheel drive ... Changed my battery .. Yupp the Radio and tape player no work now ... The code and how too..... would be magic

Thank you RND