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im having trouble timing my s10 please help

my oil smells like gas and is pretty thin whats the word on that guyz is it my intake or is it serious

tighten my starter to much and the ground screw bust off what can i do anyone have any ideas

it starts but skips and windz somtimes it take a whike to start do i need shims

1993 4.3 w motor fuel injected i need a new prom where can i get the right one for my car

need to know how to remove the tortion bars and the keys on my 1994 chevy s10 blazer truck 4wd

I recently replaced caliper and pads also bled the brakes twice but I am still having my passenger front brake/rim heat up beyond touch i have to wait for them to cool down before working on them?

ok, now ive actually got an '89 not a '90 but they dont have that option. my blazer is 4x4 but the front end is not working. the transfer case does engage but only the wheels dont get any power. plus i can only get into four high, i cant get the 4x4 into four low or neutral.

4.3 vortec blazer vin W
have replaced IAC three times in past 2 years
starts and runs good 85% of the time
check engine light comes on with code #32
starts running rough,don't dare shut it off
does the PCM control the IAC if so where is it located

where is the egr sensor on a 4.3 chevy and how do i take it off/?

I have a 90 S-10 Blazer 4.3l and recently had a rough idle and stalling out after a few minutes of run time. The check engine light came on at highway speeds and I pulled a code 32 of the ECM , reference back to a faulty EGR circuit. The EGR was dirty and plugged beyond cleaning so it has been replaced.

Did a tune up - cap, rotor, plugs, wires as well. The rough idle is gone and it runs at idle fine. I power brake it in drive and reverse and it does not seem to want to stall.

The only time it stalls now is after reaching above the speeds of 15 mph or more and only stalls when I brake at lights. Did another code check and found nothing in the system. Set the e-brake and power braked it again and still only stalls after reaching above 15 mph. I know it seems to be getting enough fuel if it wont die after power braking it. What else could be cause a stall only when reaching above 15 mph and braking ?

How do tell if the engine is running rich? I get low fuel mileage 14mpg. The engine is a V6 Vortec. Can the fuel mixture be adjusted?

when turning over it doesnt and makes a grinding noise

Replaced ECM and still does not start.Befor that replaced the inition mode,the IAC modejule,then got 4 more codes ,an thats when i replaced the ECM oh and the fuel pump prier to the ECM.and now it still does nt start.

Replaced ECM and still does not start.Befor that replaced the inition mode,the IAC modejule,then got 4 more codes ,an thats when i replaced the ECM oh and the fuel pump prier to the ECM.and now it still does nt start.

i have a small blown out spot in intake manifold gasket. i have the new ones. how do i change the gaskets myself without taking my truck to someone to do it for me.

Ok so i bought a 1994 blazer and it seems to run fine, but when i stopped at a light the other day, i could smell burning oil and a little bit of smoke was coming from out of the bottom of the car, well when i got home i ran the engine and then stopped it to see where was the oil leaking, and around the transfer case, and the oil pan, its dripping, but since im not a great mechanic, i been looking around the internet to see if anyone else has this problem, the engines got power, but seems to idle just a tad rough when giving gas. anyone know anything to do?

why is it so much to change a intake manifold gasket? The garage i go to wants $500 to do it.

if my vehicle pulls to the right why would it be the left caliper that is bad

I carried my s10 blazer in to check the rough idling.
I told him to call me if it was going to cost a lot to repair it. He repaired it without calling me. WHAT SHOULD IT COST TO REPLACE THE FUEL INJECTOR SPIDER? When he never called me I called him and he had me a bill for 906.00. Boy was I upset

where ae the heater core hoses located

it is a 4 wheel drive an has a 4.3 liter v6

started having problems 18mons ago, was in repair shop 3times trying to fix the problem. Truck will only run sitting still for about an hour, we only run 15mins driving. when it cuts off, will not crank for at least 2hrs or so. No codes or check engine lights on, runs like a sewing machine when working proptly

when I start engine it surges bad. when I accelerate up to half throttle its okay, but more than that,it falls flat on its face and misses and backfires through the exhaust like its real lean.i unhooked the iac to stop the surge,but it wont idle cold. the weirdest thing is that it gets worse when its below 45 degrees. as the temp warms 50 to 60,it starts running good again. Ive replaced the mass air flow,map sensor,coil and coil wire,and the tps. Ive checked for vacuum leaks and I replaced the fuel pressure reg and the ignition module about a year ago. the engine now has 222500 miles and still runs strong except for this.

My Blazer started acting up after I replaced the heater blower motor. The Blazer will start and run till the engine warms up and then the spark dies. Once it cooled down it would restart. I replacer the ign. module with no luck. It also died when the door is shut hard. Once, it wouldn't start till I shut driver door. I checked all grounds that I found, all tight and clean. Help, where is the PCM????

all the time it floods so bad gas run out the exhaust pipe

Wife drives during bad weather only, so it sits 85 to 90 % of the time in the garage covered up. Sometimes when she drives it to work which is about 30 miles one way, about half way there it starts to run rough. I bring her a different vehicle to drive on into work with and then drive the blazer home. It sometimes runs okay when I drive it back home and other times it runs rough on me.[coughs and sputters, and jerks] I usually park it in the garage till the next time she needs it and it might run good for a few trips in to her job and then all of a sudden it starts acting up again. Whats wrong with it? Any help would be appreciated.

i put in a new distributor in do to the pick up coil was bad and was rusted to the shaft it started but wouldnt idlle so i changed the ips and the intake air sen. now it wont start at all i have spark and fuel i dont get it

I replace the switch cut spliced and wrapped the wires and still no response, what can i do next to try and fix it with out buying a whole new module, and then if i have to , how much do they cost and how do i do this?? is it hard??

My blazer stopped running. I replaced fuel pump, filter, and relay. The fuel pump didn't run when I turned the key on. I checked power at the relay and have .3 volts. I changed the pcm and I am still only getting .3 volts.