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the car is a 1989 s 10 blazer. left side motor mount needs replacing. the car has 4 wheel drive automatic transmission and air conditioning

How can I get my 4-wheel drive to kick in? It clicks but doesn't go into 4-wheel drive.

Like many others my wipers have a mind of there own. I turn them on and in the intermittent settiings they will go about a half cycle and stop and in the low or high speed settings they won't stop right away when they are turned off. When they shut off they are usually in the middle of the windshield. I replaced just the motor and it fixed the problem for about 15 minutes, so I replaced the circuit board and about 15 minutes later it was back to square 1 yet again. Is there something that I am missing?

When I bought the car the guy told me it occasionally made a little knock so I didnt worry to much, but upon first oil change what I puled out was like molassas. I called him up he said he ran 60w oil in it. So I decided to try 10w40 and wow did that knock get louder. It is sounding like its comming from the driver side. It wont do it when cold, only warmed up, and only under heavy power usualy shifting through the first 2 gears. But once it gets into overdrive or drive it goes away unless going up a hill, anyone have any idea of what it might be? I would greatly appreciate it

remote oil filter supply to engine adaptor plate gaskets leaking on a 4.3 6cyl. how do I get adaptor off to re gasket, tight space looks like you have to drop transfer,oil pan,etc? help

how do I change the seal at the engine side looks like the bolt to remove plate to change gasket is not accessable.....

I need the color codes for the wiring. The colors don't match the ones on new one

i Just got a 1991 chevy S10 blazer. and it wont stop stalling out on me.. its doing it when ever i stop the car as in breaking at a light, make a turn and some times when i just slow down.. it was stayen on if i put it in nutral when i was stoped at a light but now that dosent matter it stalls out on me. help!!!

my 1990 s10 blazer started blowing the fuse for the heater blower. I replaced the blower hoping this was the problem but the fuses still blow. Any suggestions.

how to time my 93 fi s10 whats the right way

I replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump on my 91 chevy blazer and it runs for a few minutes then shuts off, what could be the problem? the fuel pump works cause you can hear it running.

I need to have some instructions on how to replace the clips in my windows. The glass is not broken. They are just sideways in the door. And maybe info on how to fix the door seals

fuel pump went out about 2 years ago. had it replaced bought part from o'rielys. runs fine except when outside temp gets above 90 degrees. runs fine in fall nad winter but as soon as spring and summer comes around i can be going down the road and motor instantly cuts off. pump makes a high pitched grind then stops. can wait about 20 minutes and car will crank up and run fine for a few miles and then do the same thing. fuel tank feels very warm to touch. try to keep it close to full all the time. checked and replaced fuel relay.vacumnlines gas cap.please help. vehicle has 250000. miles on it but runns great except for this problem .can't fix gonna shoot thank you

The car is a 1989 Chevy Blazer. It will start but shuts off. I check the air filter and sprayed the choke. Read somewhere that it might be the throttle body, the distributor or the wire harness. Please help.

i lost park in my 89 s-10 blazer 4.3 is this hard to fix is it in the transmission and can i fix this myself

I have a 1997 S10 Blazer 4.0 Vortec Well the fuel pump went out we replaced it ourselves and then it was the wrong one so we replaced it with another one and it ran for about a week or two and then quit on me again the fuel pump starts up and all but the Blazer will not start my husband says it is the fuel pump again but he wires it direct and it pumps and the pressure is good Some people are saying it is the pull down could this be it?

While holding a steady 65-70+ mph going up steep hills (North Carolina)engine will surge or miss under load (can't tell which). Within last year replaced plugs, wires, ign cap and rotor. Within last five years have replaced in tank fuel pump, cage, external fuel filter, both pressure/return fuel lines and regulator in the intake plennum chamber BTW I just went on a 1k mile trip and got a solid 21+ mpg! No diagnostic codes are displayed.

trying to unlock the trunk from inside of the vehicle....

leaking from front main seal how to fix problem is basically what im asking

When you push on brakes they won't go down it's stiff and the car won't stop easly. I was told it could be two things brake booster or master brake cylinder

When i push on the clutch it make a hissing sound like a snake. but when i let off it goes away! whats causing it and how do i replace it?

"A" frame bushing how to remove

Where on the internet can I find for "free" a vacuum line diagram for my '91 s-10 blazer?

What is the correct ounces of R-12 that is required for a 1991 S-10 Blazer 4WD 4.3L R-4compressor system?

need to know how to take a/c control out of dash. iam getting no power to low pressure switch.

starting from the clutch pedal how does all of the proceses work

how exactly does a hydrologic clutch cable system work

Is the refrigerant in this car, freon or the ne w234?

44 Lean exhaust indicated (Left side on dual oxygen models)

33 Mass air flow (MAF) sensor - signal voltage or frequency
is high during engine idle
Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor - signal
voltage is high during engine idle (Note: Engine misfire
or unstable idle may cause this code)

69 Air conditioning head pressure switch circuit fault or air
conditioning pressure switch problem
Torque converter clutch stuck "on

83 Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) solenoid - circuit
Reverse Inhibit - open or short circuit in reverse inhibit

44 Lean exhaust indicated (Left side on dual oxygen models)

How hard is it to replace the heater core for my 94 Blazer and what do i need to remove to get to it?