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I've changed my clutch fly wheel throw out bearing master cylinder slave cylinder and it won't go into gear the rod is pushing the fork in but I don't think all the way any help would be great
4x4 switch no longer lights up and 4x4 hasn't worked for long time. Trying to figure out where to start? Is the switch a replaceable part found at places like o'reillys? I also looked at fuses and all appear to be good still. Please help!
fuel pressure 55 lbs and holds plugs firing properly any help out there
will not start on its own fuel pressure 55lbs and has ignition to plugs stumped.hate it cant figure it out any suggestions from anyone
idles high,even after warm
i have tried several stations so that is not the issue this has been going on for months and i need to get this fixed due to a big trip coming up next month
Last winter parked my vehicle first outside, then inside, vehicle sat for a while, wouldn't start. put treatment in gas, still wouldn't fire. Bought some parts to change out, debating on junking the car out. Bought a coil, rotor, module and cap. Started out by changing the coil as the spark was very faint by checking with a spark plug. Changed out coil and started right up. Ran for about 3 minutes and then instantly died.
Just wondering what is causing this, tried checking the new coil the same way and found no spark. Just wondering if I bought a bad coil, if there is another problem that is causing this coil to go bad?
how do I engage the 4 wheel high on a 1994 Chevrolet s10 Blazer am I supposed to be driving while doing this or am I supposed to stop and put it in neutral?
when I'm in neutral I hit the 4 wheel low and I can hear it engage.
What kind of oil should I use to change the transfer case fluid
just started one day (no changes made,(not even new gas...
The compressor clutch wont engage. When I went to try to manually engage the thing, I couldn't find any relays for it. If anyone could tell me where it might be, or how to manually engage it without one, that would be awesome.
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