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The car is shaking and stauling. The spark plugs were replaced I believe it may be a distributor that needs to be replaced back wondering if you can time the engine on a Chevy S 10 blazer Tahoe 1990. It’s running to rich. It’s misfiring and sputtering.
I have a 89 s10 chevy blazer 4x4 not 90 for some reason it didn't have a option for that year but anyways the dashboard is electronic and completely blacked out i have no idea what the problem could be. The break light is on at all times and only started when the rest of the dash blacked out. Pulled out the dash and the mother board and replaced a few 25 cent parts check engine light pops on every once in a while bit other than that i have no idea what else to do any advice would ve greatly appreciated.
Vehicle goes up to around 30mph then slows down to 0mph. While pressing down on the gas engine revs but car won't accelerate at all it stays at 0mph. I've put it on 1st 2nd and reverse and it still won't accelerate. After turning it off and on it won't accelerate at all but the engine does rev. If I have it off for around 5-10min then turn it on,same thing happens. Goes up to around 30 then slows down and won't move at all. I had the transmission filter cleaned and it worked fine for a day and during the night it started doing it again.
It sounds like It has a vacuum leak under the fuel injectors. But it would still run fine before.
We put a new timing chains check the fuel took the distributor to the spark still won't start
It’s done this from the time I purchased- same if cold or after warmup
Code 35 is all that comes up
There was no odd noise. ran rough and I thought to change plugs. Quit running before I could. noticed no gas to carb. starts when I put gas in carb directly and runs until used up.
Idles fine and while in park revs up fine. Put it in drive and it get it on a little and it bogs down to the point that it will cut off and not crank back until it sits a while. If it was a carborator engine I would describe it as acting "flooded"
the fuel pump making noise as if stuck could the relay be going out ? can it be tested ? hoping to find somthing out dont want to drop the tank and replace fuel pump if i dont have to
Runs good when warmed up and idles good as well. Ran diagnostic and couldn't come up with much except something regarding the ecm. Mechanic thought it might be a temperature sensor at the carb but I can't find anything like that. Could it be the throttle position sensor? I'm at 5000', car has 225k miles, new fuel filter.
need to know location of all freeze plugs on my 1994 jimmy s10 2 wheel dr 4.3 v6 thanks
On a 93 s10 blazer with a 4.3 vortex
Have replaced transfer case vacuum switch. Stuck in 4 wh. Actuator is working.
Sometimes it'll go off then I might hit a bump and it will come back on or hit a bump and I'll go off
It seemed that it had a short,then stoped working .checked wiper fuse.started about two months ago,they would work,then they wouldnt,I could move the wiper arms and they would start working.
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