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need to know location of all freeze plugs on my 1994 jimmy s10 2 wheel dr 4.3 v6 thanks

On a 93 s10 blazer with a 4.3 vortex

Have replaced transfer case vacuum switch. Stuck in 4 wh. Actuator is working.

Sometimes it'll go off then I might hit a bump and it will come back on or hit a bump and I'll go off

It seemed that it had a short,then stoped working .checked wiper fuse.started about two months ago,they would work,then they wouldnt,I could move the wiper arms and they would start working.

It seemed that it had a short,then stoped working .checked wiper fuse

water pump doesn't leak at all, car hasn't overheated, don't know what check gauge light means, and does the belt that goes to everything have to be replaced if there are no rips or holes, if i change the water pump.

to start everything worked great..the only problem was the 4x4 switch..i have to pull out the tccm fuse & unhook the battery for a few and hook up bat & put fuse back in and then hit the switch & and it works

Some air comes out but not to much. Mostly on the bottom

periodically, my dash would shut off and start working again until it finally died for good. i tore it apart and found three blown capacitors. two of them are 47 uF 50V, and 473K 400V, but the one i cant find got goo all over it and peeled up the plastic... the only numbers i got off of it are (M) 105^o C/ 34/N(5)... can anybody help me?

and a new raditor after running hot andf the old one burst. what could be wrong? Now won't start at all and a friend said that the head gasket was blown.

For 1991 Chevy s10 blazer. I'm looking to get bigger tires and need a lift that will make them fit? Any ideas?

TBI fuel system, At part throttle it is dead, ruff Idle some of the time...Have replaced Regulator,fuel pump,filter,map sensor,idle air control,all guts in distributor,computer,throttle sensor,relay,gaskets at the body to manifold,checked for vacume leaks, fuel pressure is right on,plugs,wires and most everything you can imigine. Runs like a raped ape when I put the hammer down. THEN I get a service engine soon light that comes on....I shutt off and restart and light is back off.....Dead spot and ruugh Idle......What have I missed?????????

My blazer started bogging out on my and eventually would die and would not start back up until it cooled down. I changed the fuel pump and wiring, it ran good for 3 or 4 days then began to bog out out again and eventually it would idle very rough and die when I would give it gas. I've changed all sensors, plugs, cap, wires, and still no change. I've pulled all my hair out trying to figure this out please help.

I've change everything I can think of on this blazer and it still won't run. It barely idles and bogs really bad when I put gas to it. All sensors have been changed. Cap, plugs, wires have been changed. All plugs are now fouled after trying to start it. No codes come up, and check engine light does not come on. All fluid have been changed as well.

I pulled codes and it came up 32 , 37 , and 54 I've already replaced fuel filter and pump to try and fix hard start have had problem for about two months check engine just come on a week ago

I've changed my clutch fly wheel throw out bearing master cylinder slave cylinder and it won't go into gear the rod is pushing the fork in but I don't think all the way any help would be great

4x4 switch no longer lights up and 4x4 hasn't worked for long time. Trying to figure out where to start? Is the switch a replaceable part found at places like o'reillys? I also looked at fuses and all appear to be good still. Please help!