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The cam broke inside my 2002 geo prizm "My guess from oil stravation" I want to replave the whole cyindar head but am having trouble finding it at different salvage yards. could i plave a different year model on it? Any help would be grant
I don't know anything about car but my buddies will help so long as i have the parts.
The timing chain and the intake cam broke so we replaced the head both cams and tge chain. Check engine light is on and the engine will crank slowly but will not fire up. Just need an opinion as to if the crank position sensor or the cam position sensor would be more likely to be the problem. Hooked the diagnostic up under dash and could not pull any codes. Any ideas?
replaced A/C pump and power steering pump - did not fix problem. noise stops when turn steering wheel to left or right. knocking was intermittent but is getting worse. no loss of power - car runs fine
Just bought this car new. Check Engine Light came on OBDII PO420 (indicating inlet/outlet readings out of range.) So what's the most common cause of this particular failure? O2 sensor(s) bad? Catalytic converter bad? Ethanol fuel (need ECM 'flashed'?)
Don't want to just throw money at this problem - fixed my '94 Prizm with advice off of here (coil in distributor failing) so hoping somebody here had run into this enough to at least point me in the right direction - DIY (don't really trust too many shops, don't have the money, don't have the time...worked in them 35 years!)
Thank you so much for your time!
How much would it cost to replace and fix from the exhaust manifold To the muffler.
I sprayed carb cleaner on it, started, engine light is off. took to auto zone & codes P0300 and P0171. What should I repair,if the light is off? I don't want to put alot of $ into if not needed. But, don't want to get stranded again although car is running great again. Confused
P300 code at times, replaced spark plugs and ignition coils. Started after Toyota did timing cover reseal by one of their reprimanded mechanics.
could this be The ECM computer causing this number of issues?
It is possible they are nesting in the engine somewhere. I have seen evidence that they have been all over the inside of my car.
it had 98000 miles on it
Sometimes spraying doors with a deicer works but sometimes it does not.
I recently did the following maintenance of my 99 chevy prizm.
1) Changed Spark plugs and wires with NGK ones.
2) Replaced valve cover gasket
3) Replaced all 4 mounts with Anchor brand mounts.

I replaced the valve cover gasket and the passenger side mount on the same day. As soon as the mount was replaced, when I started the engine, I can feel loud vibrations on the frame and inside the car. It gets worse when I drive it. When I let go of the gas, the vibrations quietens down. The mechanic told me it might go away if I replace the other mounts too, which I did the next day but the vibrations are still there.

When I read about this issue on forums, couple of things were suggested for similar problems,
1) Could be due to a timing issue or even a bad harmonic balancer. I got a mechanic to check both and they are perfectly fine.
2) Maybe due to a misfire, which also checked out to be fine.
3) Some aftermarket mounts might take some time to break in. I am not sure I totally agree with that. Aren't new mounts supposed to absorb the vibrations and support the engine and not make things worse.

I am totally out of ideas on how to troubleshoot this. If any of you experienced guys out there give some useful suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

OBD MD Emissions test type. KOEO result failure. MIL Command Status Failure. Why is this causing my test to not pass? Is it something simple that I can fix myself. Thanks.
I could not find CAM Actuator Valve replacement on list of repair options.
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